Thinking up some new warhammer scenarios

I’m trying to think up some new warhammer fantasy battle scenarios plus another downloadable sheet with additional occurences.

The reason behind this being I love playing the game, but sometimes I feel like mixing it up a bit.

My first idea is based on an older scenario in white dwarf, the number of which I can’t remember. It comprised of some brettonian characters with lizardmen weapons having to start at one end of the board and leave the other end of the board. Aagainst them was 1500pts of lizardmen trying to retreive their stolen artifacts.

I’m thinking up something new, along the lines of one or both sides can choose an army list as normal but also take the items from another army book (opponents army or a completely different book). I’m hoping this will allow some different tactics (and sometimes quite silly combos), but warhammer isn’t always about winning, its about having fun. I’d love to equip a couple of my skaven with different armies weapons (modelling wise rather than list wise) to do this.

The second idea would be to have a random events table kind of like the generals compendium and the lustria campaign had (also some random encounters ideas from mordheim). Not too sure how big or small this would turn out, but what I do know is I’d like a really bizarre table to roll on, like a chaos wastes table.

Maybe this would be along the lines of a random occurence each turn, or on a dice roll of 5+ or even having counters that are randomly placed that require a roll on the relevant table when you get near.

Nothing firm yet, but my brain has been doing overtime today thinking about it.


4 responses to “Thinking up some new warhammer scenarios

  1. Hi! I’ve been reading your journal for a while now, as I’m a fellow Skaven player from the States. I’ve been having related problems in getting my local gaming group to get interested in Warhammer Fantasy Battles of late – they have severe Gaming Attention Deficit Disorder, and, unlike me, live with mommy and daddy and pay no bills, so changing systems is easy and within their budgets. I unfortunately have to pay my own bills so I can’t afford to jump systems easily, so in trying to keep their focus on WFB I’ve resorted to setting up and running an escalation league based off the Warbands rules in preparation for the big payoff – Map Based Campaign, straight out of the General’s Compendium. Oddly enough, with the new Mighty Empires coming out, the US GW website has lost all references to the old General’s Compendium, but the Australia GW website still has resources for the taking. I doubt my GADD afflicted comrades will last more than 1/3 of the way through a map based campaign this go around, if we even make it through the escalation league to help everyone get their armies up to at least 750pts, but maybe next year I can skip the escalation and go right into the campaign. *shrug* We’ll see.

    Anyway, had been gathering up ideas for my own attention getters, thought I’d share them with you. Enjoy!

  2. Good luck with that.

    When we run a campaign a few years ago I made up the rules with a little bit of copy and paste help from other documents.

    There was only 3 of us for that one and I found out very quickly that the more complicated and precise the rules are, the quicker it gets out of control. So be careful to start out with only the basics.

    The generals compendium is essentially very good, one of the best things to come out of GW in a while. I also enjoyed the lustrian book. I find stuff like that has bad support, I wish they’d incorporate some of these bits and pieces into more permanent items. Grrr, I digress.

    Good luck with the campaign.

    By the way, what do you think of the blog?

  3. While we have already written a few rules clarifications (mostly about river crossings and point adjustments since we’re using 500pt banners instead of the 2000pt ones the rules are based), we’re pretty much using the stock General’s Compendium map-based campaign rules, and they’re pretty straight-forward and only about 10 pages total. My biggest problem will be keeping their attention for any length of time.

    Yeah, GW has always had that “here’s something cool! buy it! oh wait, it’s 6 months old, yep, it’s going into the Specialist Games dustbin” attitude about a lot of things – Space Hulk, Gorka Morka, Necromunda, Mordheim. I remember when most of those came out and how much GW pimp’d them to us in White Dwarf, and like good little consumers, we bought them up, just to watch GW dash our hopes of producing anything new after the initial dump into the market. *shrug* Oh well, they still get money out of us, so they must be doing something right.

    I do enjoy reading your journal (sorry, I despise the word “blog”, it just rubs me the wrong way, in a very irrational way) as I like to see what the UK Warhammer junkies are experiencing compared to us in the States. You gotta use your Skaven more, bud, the evil little ratmen demand blood for the Horned Rat! And post pics with your battle reports. =D

  4. The old 2nd edition scenario packs might offer some inspiration. They feature a few nice extra’s. I found ‘The Tragedy of McDeath’, ‘Bloodbath at Orc’s Drift’ and ‘Terror of the Lichemaster’ this week right here:

    especially Terror of the Lichemaster blew my mind. Heinrich Kemmler and Krell are apparently the oldest GW special Characters still around (and I guess Kemmlerwon the campaign!)

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