Thoughts on the new chaos book rumours

The most upto date information I can find at the moment is here. As mentioned in previous posts, I’m not really in a position to constantly promote rumours, however, having a large(ish) nurgle mortal army I’m looking at how I will rebuild it in the coming months.

Obviously the army (which was running at 5k points all in) has been made smaller by the removal of a large number of daemon troops and characters.

Thankfully it looks like the shaggoth and trolls are safe as these appear to be in this book.

So lets look at whats likely to change.

– Army wide re-roll panic
– Mark of Khorne causes Frenzy, has different effect for Giant
– Mark of Nurgle causes -1 penalty to the WS or BS of a model attacking
– Mark of Slaanesh benefits the unit with Itp, also gives ASF to characters and rare choices
– Mark of Tzeentch gives +1 to ward save (6+ ward to models without one), also +1 to cast for sorcerers
– May be other effects for different units but if there are, they are currently unknown
– Gaze of the Gods table, roll 2D6 for the following:
– Characters roll every time they win a challenge
– Chosen roll once at the start of the game
– Trolls roll every time they successfully regenerate two or more wounds at once
– 2 on the table causes stupidity, 7 does nothing, 11 makes unit fear causing, 12 gives a 4+ ward save and stubborn. The remainder of results are various benefits, some of which are MR3, hatred, and stat boosts.
– Chaos characters may now take Chaos Gifts on top of Magic Items, much like the VC’s Vampiric Powers
– Lore of Slaanesh returns virtually unchanged

The army wide rule is likely to apply to undivided armies only, so as most of my stuff will be nurgle marked, I’ll be having -1 to hit at range and in hand-to-hand. Not sure if this is favourable to having fear but as much as I cry about my plaguebearers not having it, I’m now happy to finally have it back. Although no points decrease is mentioned, I imagine nurgle markings will now be cheaper across the board.

The gaze of the gods table harks back to the good old bad days (4th edition I think it was) but now is randomised a bit more. Not sure how realistic this might feel, your entire army mutating over the course of a day long battle, but it does add to the chaotic feel.

Onto the core/special/rare choices and it looks like most of my existing stuff is reusable, the knights will now be given an upgrade option of a lance (I still have some of the older knights in my bits box for the lance option) which may mean either a new unit of knights or modifying the current ones to have interchangable weapons which are both big time sinks.

My chaos warriors are still valid, when making the older ones up I decided to arm them very differently to give them a ragged look. Ever since, what ever weapon they are carrying is shown on the models at the front of the unit.

Hounds look like they can be given poisoned attacks or scaly skin. I hope you can do both for that ‘nurgle’ feel. I understand they are doing them in plastic but I have 10 metal ones so have enough.

Thankfully Shaggoths and Trolls are still in for extra options, the trolls as always will be in the army, the shaggoth not so often. Trolls look like their points have dropped but no indication of their stats dropping also. We can only wait and hope.

Chariots are now special choices. If you remember back to some of my earlier posts about damon chariots, I have a standard nurgle chariot, a converted ‘daemonic’ steam tank chariot and a damon chariot currently with no riders. Although I’ll probably never use them all together, at least I have the option without too much work involved.

So really thats it at the moment in terms of what I have or may need to change. There is always the new things being mentioned. There are a ton of special characters to match the newer army books. Archaon and Gulrach remain and now there are others. I’ll probably buy the models if they’re good, or convert them if they aren’t but wont expect to be using them that often.

The forsaken look like something I’ve always wanted, with 2 attacks each I’ll finally have soemthing to outclass those free company (damn them). Give even the worst troops 2 attacks each and finally they’ll bring something good down.

The other new addition that made me wet my pants with excitement is the chaos war alter. Not too bothered by the rules, current suggestions is that its like a much better corps cart, but the modelling possibilities could be endless. In fact, as I write this I think I may have found something for my daemonic steam tank to be used for.

As always, the stuff you hear on the internet is always somewhere between close to the truth and complete bullshit, but as the spearhead is rumoured to be out next month sometime (this could also be complete bullshit) and white dwarf have started with their sneak peaks, I imagine the info is fairly solid give or take a few stats etc.


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