A quick monday night painting update

Starting to spend more time sitting and painting than sitting and thinking about painting.

Getting going on the daemons at last. 5 Furies are almost done. I saw an awesome army (have to remember where) that was painted as if in flames with blue contrasts. Really liked it so I’ve tried to incorporate it into my army. I figured the bloodletters would look good ‘molten’, the flamers etc are essentially flames and the horrors are magical flames. So I figured for a flame look.

I think the paintjob is a lot better than I thought it might turn out, but its not quite the look I’m after. They seem a bit ‘orange’.

Going to stick with it though and give them a baal red wash and more yellow highlights hoping the flaming daemon look comes through. I’ll put some pictures up tomorrow.

The nurgle side in contrast will be mostly brown and green (I really want a nurglish looking army) and although I’ll be able to mix and match due to the same bases it will look like two armies. At the moment I have all the models, finished, getting repaired, repainted and undercoated all over my desk so it looks a bit crap. Hoping it pulls together.

Also started repairs on the broken daemons. The herald I dropped has had the banner replaced with a zombie head to look like a wand (the banner snapped just above the pin I had going into the hand). The daemon prince’s sword is having the runes on its sword ‘fired up’, using the same technique as the furies. I’m hoping he’ll be quite proud of this new weapon and will completely forget that I accidently pulled his arm off!

On the lizardmen front I’ve started basing them on their new resin bases. We had a largish battle last week and I realised I am so behind on my lizardmen. Again tomorrow I’ll put up a picture and you’ll see what I mean. It looks a bit haphazard.


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