Battle Report: Daemons vs Empire Part 2 (11/09/08)

Hope you had fun reading part one, here comes part two:

Turn 3. I figured that although a lot of my units weren’t ready, I needed to get into combat and start punishing them. I charged the beasts of nurgle into a unit of spearmen and a unit of greatswords in the middle. The plaguebearers on the left without a herald charged the flagellents and the hounds charged the spearmen on my extreme left flank. I also charged the huntsmen in the middle with the middle unit of plaguebearers. They ran and got away but I forgot to redirect a charge into either the greatswords now in combat with the beasts or try for the other free unit of greatswords, opps. Knowing that the plaguebearers on the extreme right would need to take on 3 units, a griffin and possibly a steam tank in the next few turns I moved fateweaver onto the hill amongst the mortars to try and get a few terror tests next turn.

To protect the plaguebearers flank I moved the flamers into a scrifical position just behind them to block off the steam tank.

Onto magic I rolled up celestial shield for the blue scribes which was next to useless. I managed to cast commandment of brass on a mortar (at least I think I did, but between my turn 3 and theirs we all went to bed, then to work and came back where we left off). I did get some other magic off but it wasn’t influential on the game.

On shooting, the flamers in the middle hit off a few shots at the greatswords and the flamers on the right dropped a few free company, trying to reduce their ranks down.

In comabt the hounds inflicted enough wounds to lose comabt by very few and with the assistance of the GUO nearby pass easily. The archlector inflicts more wounds on the nurglings but with no impact hits the nuglings make it through using the GUO’s leadership. The plaguebearers kill 5 flaggellents and easily win combat. The beasts of nurgle roll in 13 attacks onto the spearmen but this only translates into 2 wounds and they lose big. Even with the battle standard re-roll (they roll the same leadership roll again) two beasts of nurgle dissapear into the warp. Wasn’t expecting that.

The picture below is at the end of my turn 3. You can see on the left that the plaguebearers have got a lot to defend against. Thankfully both uncommitted plaguebearer units wont be charged in the flank.

Terror test time. Both mortars passed with ease but the greatswords and halberdiers in front weren’t so lucky as my battle standard bearer was within 12″ and they were both at -2. The greatswords went flying past the plaguebearers in the middle and halberdiers ran past the lefthand plaguebearers screaming and shouting like girls. Unfortunately for them it tookthem straight into the path of the plaguebearers. 

The steam tank charged the flamers who stood and shot with no damage to the steam tank. The griffin charges the rear of the plaguebearers on my right flank and the mounted warrior priest charged out of the now blocked free company unit into the flank.

Over the course of the game there were so many bounds getting cast about that I’ve forgotten what and where they were cast, but rest assured that none of the important ones got through. On this turn I think I had to suck up a few soulfires.

With magic done it was onto shooting and I wasn’t looking forward to this. Both mortars missed their targets by some way, but the cannons turned and aimed at fateweaver. One ward save and two destroyed mortars later (I honestly didn’t think they’d risk their mortars with the bounce) fateweaver was smiling. The second cannon shot only just rolled into fateweaver, and I mean rolled because he easily passed another ward save.

The steam tank in combat with the flamers used its steam gun against them and the plaguebearer unit but I made all required ward/regen saves.

There was little other effective shooting from them so we moved onto combat.

The priest of sigmar challenged the herald who accepted and cut him down where he stood. The griffin and rider killed 1 or 2 plaguebearers but they caused a wound on the griffin who promtly fled 17″ away.

In the centre the beast of nurgle gets first attcks and wounds the warrior priest who then causes a wound back. With a massive combat res against him the remaining beast dissapears.

The plaguebearers on the left kill 2 more flagellents and lose 2 of their number. The combat continues until next turn. Against the arch lector the nurglings manage to survive thanks to the GUO’s leadership but are slowly being depleted. The hounds don’t manage to inflict enough wounds to win and again just survived on the GUO’s leadership. The remaining flamer dies to the steam tank.

Turn 4 and I charge the plaguebearers on the right into the fleeing halberdiers sending them scuttling further away. I hesitate with fateweaver and move him slightly closer to the steamtank. The great unclean one gets carl and richards pussy of the game award by shuffling around a bit. I cast the bolt onto the steam tank and get 6 strength 10 hits. The steam tank is dow to 4 wounds. I doom and darkness the greatswords currently fleeing so next turn they are on -3 to rally. The great unclean one casts rancid visitations on the handgunners but miscasts and rolls a 12. As his mouth dribbles out the spell with irresistable force his brains dribble out his ears and he forgets the spell. He casts slime pit on the handgunners (with battle wizard in) and they cannot shoot or move next turn.

Forget to fire the flamers against the griffin. Not much happens in combat. Their turn.

I realise I’ve made an error as both the huntsmen and mortar crews charge fateweaver. The steam tank generates a steam point and charges in the flank of the plaguebearers.

Again I manage to dispel things that I don’t want but a soulfire gets through against the nurglings and 2 flamers die to forked lightning.

Both cannons now turn their attention to the GUO. Both shots are spot on but he manages to ward save both. The flagellents kill 2 plaguebearers and get 3 of their own killed back. The plaguebearers that charged the greatswords in the middle (which I forgot to mention earlier) kill 3 greatswords and save the wounds back. The greatswords roll double 1 and stay for another round.

Fateweaver manages to survive all attacks and fails to wound back. He loses by 4 (rear, flank and outnumber) but stays by rolling double 2 (actually they disputed that I’d dropped it so I re-rolled it and got double 2 again!!).

So where are we? Its the start of turn 5. My GUO is in the open with the nuglings stuggling to hold the arch lector, the plaguebearers on the right are going to struggle soon. My main magic user is now locked in a combat I can’t help him with and they still have a lot on the table (5 rank and file units?). In my favour the centre has been cleared and the steam tank is next to useless.

Join me in part 3 to see the conclusion of the battle.


4 responses to “Battle Report: Daemons vs Empire Part 2 (11/09/08)

  1. Yay! Battle reports!

    Empire is the one army in WFB that I’ve always wanted to play but never did get around to doing so, and it’s probably going to be a while before I get into it as my wife is due to deliver our first child in about a month and a half. Anyway, sounds like you were having fun, even if you weren’t having much luck with your Great Unclean One. Got to play a game this past weekend, a friendly little 500pt skirmish with my Skaven overwhelming a Goblin list, and I thought about posting a battle report on Underempire, but as neither of us have played in a long while, our multitude of forgotten and misinterpreted rules is too embarrassing to reveal to the internet at large. Besides that, we had no pretty pictures as my army is looking good while he proxied EVERYTHING with bits of paper. *sigh* And I’m the one in the group who worries more about playing the game as opposed to having good looking models.

    Looking forward to the last of the report!

  2. Glad you liked it. I’m on holiday next week so work has been busy while I get everything ready so I’m currently writting part 3. Wait till you see what happens then!!

    I’d put up the battle report anyway. If theres stuff we got wrong I usually either type it in that we got it wrong or just change it around a little bit to make it sound a bit better. Or for that bit you could write a small narractive so the reader doesn’t even know what really happened.

    As for pictures, sometimes I read battle reports with just basic pictures of where things were.

    The guys I played this battle with love my blog and for this coming battle on friday (daemons vs empire again) we’re doing a bit more, like writing a pre battle army list and why we put what we did in our armies. Should be an interesting game as we’ve banned special characters (they don’t like the fateweaver/bluescribes combo).

    Back onto the skaven though, I’ll have to get some of my army out and put up more pictures, I know I have screaming bell and warplightning cannon on here.

  3. I took your advice and posted the battle report, warts and all, on the Underempire. You can find it here –


  4. Strangely enough, this coment was picked up as spam and I only just noticed it.

    I read the report, very nice. Couple of tips if you want them.

    1. If you fo take globadiers again, take them in a unit of three and a unit of two. If you take 5 in one unit they can cause panic (i.e. all killed in a round of shooting/magic) nearby. Taking them in 2 small units will also help you in deployment, throw down small globadier units so he has to start putting some of his meaty stuff down before you do. Obviously it means you’ll almost always lose the +1 for deploying first, but you are skaven so will probably lose that anyway.

    2. I find that in small battles like this its probably worth dropping the warlock engineer and taking a plaguepriest. He is an awesome fighter. You should still have the right amount of dispel for a 500pt battle and with just one warlock engineer, as you’ve seen, his spell can usually be dispelled. Maybe put the plaguepriest in with the clanrats for some ‘punch’. Off the top of my head you’ll get a few points spare from that.

    3. Slaves is the other option instead of a single rat ogre. Its another rank and file unit you can put in the path of things like pump wagons etc and 20 of them with a musician is only 44 pts. Plus they don’t cause panic to the rest of your army. Sometime I use rat ogres to go war machine/mage hunting.

    Good battle report though.

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