Battle Report: Daemons vs Empire Part 3 (11/09/08)

Welcome to part 3.

Turn 5. I decide not to commit my great unclean one to combat and move him back slightly to get the template spell covering as many models as possbile. This turn I’ll use most of the pool dice with the GUO (with fateweaver being in combat his magic options are limited). So I move the GUO back slighly, ignoring the cries of “pussy” and mumblings about italian tank commanders.

In my magic phase the GUO miserably fails all his magic and I fail to pull enough dispel dice out to save my arse with my secret weapon which was fateweaver casting his area effect spell to get him out of combat. It is easily dispelled. In combat the nuglings lose another base. Thankfully I’d generated one more in my magic phase so have a few left. The plaguebearers against the flagellents manage to kill three more and win combat again.

In the centre the plaguebearers win combat by a huge amount but now outnumber the greatswords so it doesn’t matter. They got away with the snake eyes last time, but now they run like girls. I roll high and trample them as they run, overrunning into the spearmen behind.

Against the steam tank my herald managed to wound the tank once and bring it down to 3 wounds.

Then we go to the fateweaver fight. Remember that I’m flanked, reared and outnumbered, and I only have 1 attack. I save both wounds caused against me and strike out against the huntsmen luckily killing one. I still lose combat but manage to roll 11, yes 11. Its ok I think to myself, the BSB is right next to me. NO ITS NOT YOU PURSUED THE GREATSWORDS YOU IDIOT. Why oh why didn’t I do the fateweaver combat first.  625 points of pure magical offense is suddenly reduced to a puff of smoke and an arid smell in the air.

Having not committed my GUO all game, it looks like he’ll get a bit of combat when richard and carl declare a charge into him. First they have to pass a terror test, which they fail and the spearmen go running to the nearets edge of the board.

The griffon charges the rear of the plaguebearer unit locked in combat with the steam tank.

It starts to get a bit hazy right around here as stuart took over the note taking and it doesn’t quite tie up with how i remember it.

I managed to stop cleansing flare, but that meant him getting two soulfires off meaning a lot of smoking dead nurglings.

In combat the plaguebearers on my left finish off the flagellents, the plaguebearers in the middle destroy the spearmen in combat but fail to catch them on the pursuit. On the right the herald wounds the steam tank but take 5 wounds from the griffon, rider and grinding attacks of the steamtank. I lose combat but roll low enough not to care too much.

Turn 6. The GUO knows he’s safer in combat with the arch lector than facing 2 cannons, 15 handgunners and a mage, so in he charges.

I try getting miasma of pestillence off but they had saved dice just for this and got rid of it easily. In combat the griffon kills 1 plaguebearer but thats not enough to stop the attacks back and several poisoned attacks later the griffon is dead. The herald wounds the steam tank again taking it down to 2 wounds. Thankfully the steam tank can’t fight this turn and I win combat. The now mountless rider runs but I can’t chase as the steam tank is still tying me down.

Neither the GUO or arch lector amongst lots of stat swapping manage to wound each other.

Their turn. The spearmen that attempted to charge the GUO last turn fail to rally and run to within an inch of the board edge. On the right they attempt to get as much into combat with the heralds unit but the halberdiers fail their fear test and the free company charge in without them.

I save the GUO from having to suffer 1 soulfire, but the other gets through. He doesn’t care though and goes on to shrug off the cleansing flare wounds. On their shooting they bring the plaguebearers that were locked in combat with the flagellents for most of the game down to one man with the cannons.

The GUO takes a wound in combat but due to outnumber its another tie. On the right my plaguebearers break the free company but again are still locked in combat with the steam tank.

Game over.

We counted up the victory points and it came to a draw. They needed about 56 points to make it a minor victory.

A few days later we realised my list was also 12 points over (which we doubled into 24 VP) and that they had another 100 VP for the 2 horrors I’d generated, which gave them the minor victory, however several days later they informed my I’d get the VP for the griffon which they didn’t add in so it went back to being a draw.

So what did I learn? The fateweaver/bluescribes combo is pretty nice. Plaguebearers are once again king in combat. There are few units that can stand toe to toe with a kitted up unit and win.

I’ve decided to use the stubborn banner more often, I could have really used it in this game especially with the beasts of nurgle popping. I’m pretty confident that with stubborn the beasts over time would have held and worn down both units leaving my middle plaguebearer unit to deviate right to help on that flank.

Contrary to others views, I’m quite happy that the GUO didn’t get into combat. He was much more useful as a support unit (nurgling infestations, soaking up dispel dice and cannonballs) than committing him into a combat he couldn’t win. A very close fought game and enjoyable.

Here are a few more pictures:


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