White Dwarf 346 Review – Fantasy Biased

I can sum this review up with two words: Very Disappointed.

Obviously thats not particularly helpful so below is a more helpful(ish) review.

White Dwarf 346.

After the lack of fantasy related items in last months White Dwarf I was kind of hoping that this issue would have a bit more. Hmm, maybe not, I had to flick through twice before I would locate any mention of fantasy. If you like 40K and more importantly, marines then this months is for you. Three battle reports, latest marine models, loads more marine stuff.

Moving swiftly on, there is one item about fantasy, the continuation of the pillage rules. Frankly this is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. The rules in last months edition felt a bit ‘rushed’ and the scenarios in this month are things you’ll maybe try out once or twice. Don’t get me wrong I’m all up for creativity and trying new things, but most of the people I know would rather just make up their own stuff (stop me if I’m wrong here). Anyone else is still getting to grips with the core rules, advancing their armies or getting some games in.

Its the same with the legenday battles. Most people just make up their own rules for this, we don’t need Games Workshop to tell us what to do. On the other hand, a lot of people are gluttons for punishment, and if Games Workshop did ever publish what could be deemed ‘official’ legendary battle rules then everyone would rush like mad men to go buy it.

You may think I’m being a bit black and white with all this, you may be nodding in agrement. For me, it all stems back to GW’s bad handling of some of their products. Storm of Chaos comes to mind. A world wide campaign with tons of new army lists, a whole campaign website, new ideas for units, scenarios etc etc. Fairly quickly the armies (which strangely enough were all a monster on the credit card to built, all slayer armies anyone) became redundant, none of the ideas were re-used (skaven triads, dark elf/slaanesh combos), but thankfully most people managed to re-incorporate this back into their ‘nirmal’ armies. Sadly some people were left with heaps of slayer models. It was only last week I saw one us for sale on eBay.

Then there was albion and the magic items no one ever let you use for the campaign winners. Then there was the lustrian campaing, the army lists for which have become pretty much redundant. Then there was blah blah blah.

Can you see where I’m going with this? I know there is a natural redundancy in the game, but the problem comes about when its all short term stuff. We all make scenarios and new units and incorporate new ideas into our games, but in 2 months time are we ever going to remember the pillage rules.

I think this all boils down to one thing, Yes Games Workshop makes rules for models for fun, but people tend to need structure to gravitate towards. Maybe an offical legendary battles would accomplish this, in the same way apocalyspe is almost now hand in hand with 40K core rules.

I think what I’m trying to say is I feel this is a waste of pages in white dwarf. Its a good idea but its too little too late. Its either a hobby magazine or it isn’t.

Anyway, rant over, back to the review.

Oh yes, that was the review, everything else is a bit of 40K marines or lord of rings. Flick to the inside of the back cover and there’s a good picture of the new chaos knights.

Want my opinion, I spent nearly 4 times longer reading the latest wargames illustrated. Leave this months White Dwarf on the shelf.


6 responses to “White Dwarf 346 Review – Fantasy Biased

  1. You know, once I started blogging seriously, I stopped getting WD and reading it.

    Apparently I’m not missing much though.

    Sad to see that Fantasy, with all the coverage this month isn’t getting anything with “substance.”

  2. I can hardly blame them for having a nerdgasm over a new Space Marine codex since that’s GW “gateway drug” army. If they’d been smart they would have saved some exceptionally cool fantasy stuff for this issue as well, knowing the Space Marine fans would all be reading it intently. I’ll admit I haven’t looked at the LotR section of the mag… maybe it’s a real showcase intended to get people into the game. I just see neglecting fantasy this month as a missed opportunity to passively do what the retail stores actively do. “So, what army are you starting next?”

  3. *whine whine whine*
    Raise a backbone, sissy…

  4. @ Mike, Maybe I’m just in denial about White Dwarf being a shadow of its former self and basically an advertising gateway to the hobby.

    @ Truth, the anonymity of the internet is great. Maybe you’ll have something a bit more constructive to say next time.

  5. I still gotta get this months issue and last months issue lol…

    I like 40K Fantasy and LOtR so Im not missing out on anything 🙂 sorry to hear theres not much Fantasy content though 😦 but I collect Skaven. Theres nothing on Skaven in the last, possibly 20 issues of white dwarf, on skavens? Maybe? Or do I have my facts wrong? I probably do… Nver mind.

    This website is BOOKMARKED ctrl + D I think the shortcut is 😛

  6. White Dwarf is like crack, you know its bad for you but you still gotta get a dose.

    It comes out tomorrow and I imagine will be loaded with chaos warrior stuff. The battle report we already know is crap (see my warriors of chaos post) and I can’t imagine they’ll be anythink goos in it but I just know on Saturday I’ll be down the shop buying it. I just can’t help it.

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