Dipped Lizardmen and Undipped Slann Priest

Couple of lizardmen photos for you. The Slaan priest is something I painted fairly recently. He’s not quite finished but he’s now ready for the table again.

The next two pictures show some of my skinks after getting a terracotta(ish) basecoat and after having some more colour added and dipped.

I hope to get some more photos of the lizardmen, including some before and after shots of the dipped ones. Yes I know I should be painting daemons for next weekend but the prospect of having an entire army painted in one week is just too hard to resist. Plus I’m tempted not to take my daemons.


3 responses to “Dipped Lizardmen and Undipped Slann Priest

  1. I’m interested in seeing those before and after pics myself.

  2. If my wife hadn’t taken the camera away for the weekend I could have got them up, these things happen.

    I’ve learnt a few things this week. Dipping them and then brushing off the excess is better than painting it on. It just seems to accumulate in the bits it should do a lot better.

    Also the varnish helps cover any joints. Although I try and greenstuff as much as possible, some of the plastic joints do have small gaps. The varnish fills these quite nicely.

    Thirdly, grap a couple of old models and paint them all the colours you want, some colours come out a lot better when highlighted. For example the shadow grey I’ve been doing on all my scales looks good on patchy scales, but on larger pieces like the kroxigor the dip darkens it too much. I’ve now started to highlight the scales (mainly drybrushing) and then dipping, it looks a lot better.

    I’ll get the pics up as soon as I can.

  3. Excellent tip on the highlighting before dipping.

    I wondered about that and figured I was going to have to do a little experimenting on my own to see which way was better.

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