New idea for our Tuesday Warhammer night

Had a few different battles recently with several different results. In the last two weeks I’ve battered Carl around the head with my daemons at 1000pts. His empire army cannot cope with a fast and hard hitting army at this points cost.

However, we’re still struggling with 4000pt a side games. I’m not sure if its the utility that an empire army can bring at those point costs.

Anyhow, back to the 1000pts. We can somehow get a 1000pt a side game done in 1 hour. We basically mark out the living room floor with masking tape into two battlefields, 6′ by 4′.

We were thinking about having a small league going, where the 4 of us play each other, but with some kind of variation. Maybe each week we have some random factor affecting the game, but the idea we’ve stuck on is that the guy at the top gets nothing, the second placed guy gets 1 desperation point, the third guy gets 2 and the bottom buy gets 4. The desperation points will work kind of the same way as the legendary battles, each point can be used to pass a leadership test or auto rally. Not sure how well these would scale down to 1000pts a side, but it might be fun. If its not then we can swiftly move on, maybe start some of campaign. We’d like to do a campaign but none of us have the time to run one properly at the moment.

I’d also like to point out that this league isn’t for bragging purposes (hint hint carl) or to extend the size of our warhammer manhood but to just give our tuesday night battles a bit of fun.


2 responses to “New idea for our Tuesday Warhammer night

  1. This is your moment of internet fame, lap it up my friend.

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