GT ’08: Heat 1 Battle Report

Game 1 vs Orcs and Goblins

As soon as I turned up at my first game I knew I’d have problems. Orcs and Goblins. These guys give me grief every time I play them. For every devastating and random thing I can throw at them, they can throw it back.

The army was stunning (and went on to win best of tournament), with converted goblin doom divers being thrown by trolls and some brilliant centrepieces to his units. He even had a warmaster wyvern painted up to replace his normal sized wyvern when positioning him near a table edge or on a hill etc. I have to admit that I was slightly embarrassed to get my Skaven out onto the same table. As we were on table 19 we were right next to the people queuing to register so he had quite a lot of interest. I tried my hardest to block line of sight with my body but I’m pretty sure someone saw my army on the same table as his. That’s enough canvassing for sympathy, on with the battle report.

My line was set up in my almost standard way. Giant rat packs out on the far left to divert flankers and cause mischief. My centre line was deployed quite tight and I left the jezzails out on the right to cover the wyverns advance. His set up was directly opposite me with the wyvern set up behind a hill for waaghhh godliness alongside his wolf riders. Set up against my giant rats were the savage orc boar boys and spider riders. The centre of his army consisted of, if I remember rightly, a block of boyz with choppas, black orcs, 2 doom divers and 2 units of 5 squig hoppers.

The scenario announced for this game would be scenario 3, capturing table quarters. You got 1 point for each of your own quarters and 3 for each of your opponents. Thankfully I got second turn, which would hopefully enable me to get a last minute charge into any remaining quarters. As it turned out I never needed it.

He marched towards me at full pelt with everything but the spider riders. The wyvern moved up behind the hill on my right flank. Both units of squigs had forgotten their ready break that morning and with three dice for movement, one unit managed to move (bounce?) 6 inches, the other 5 inches.

Magic started out well with the shamen miscasting his first spell. Rolling an 11 on his chart the shamen would spend the rest of the game stupid and frenzied. Shooting was more effective and effectively won him the game. His first doom diver targeted the 7 jezzails but managed to deviate well out of range onto a clanrat unit but with a bit of help from his redirection special rule he managed to get them back onto something more worthwhile, my plague censer bearers. Five of them died where they stood. Even more luckily the doom diver that had targeted the plaguemonks managed to deviate straight into the jezzails, killing three straight out and causing them to fail a panic test and run off the board.

Oh dear, the only thing keeping his lord, armed to the teef with god knows what and riding a three ton flying hulk of muscle, out of sight had just left the table. There was no combat so my turn.

I moved my warlock engineer out wide to hit either the wyvern of goblin wolfriders with warplightning. The clanrats (now holding the right flank) turned slightly so even with an overrun to the front or side would take the black orc lord flying all over the place except into another unit. Everybody else moved up a bit and I let rip with magic. Or at least I wanted to. The first warp lightning into the wolf boyz got scrolled, the second took out 4 black orcs and then as I threw down 4 dice to cast plague on the black orcs I rolled a double 1, ended the magic phase and took a strength 4 hit. Very nice. Not quite the devastation I’d hoped for.

Shooting would be more effective I thought. Nope. The warplightning cannon possibly managed to remove one of the boar boyz threatening my rear (I say possibly because I had so much to remember at the time). The ratling guns removed several boyz and several black orcs. I rang the bell with three dice, more out of desperation than having a plan and rolled up D3 wounds on anything with T7. This destroyed one doom diver and took the other down to one wound remaining.

Then it was his turn and the Waaaghhh was called. Oh shit.

For anyone who hasn’t played a good O&G player, the problem with a waaaghh is this. He has a black orc lord on a wyvern right up against a hill and therefore guaranteed at least 1″ of movement. This takes him onto the hill and suddenly he has line of sight to the whole battlefield and can charge who the hell he likes. You can see where this goes can’t you? A flank charge later and my little fury clanrats are wetting their little skaven pants.

I’d like to give you more information on what happened next, but I can sum it up in a few sentences. The lord managed to rip apart the skaven who break panicing everything around them. His pursuit easily catches them and unfortunately he just clips a ratling gun (the one which didn’t run away a second a go). The black orcs spank my skaven (with grey seer and screaming bell) and I roll hideously high to break and then even more hideously low to run away. Four inches isn’t that far when being pursued by black orcs. To finish up this battle report, I have to state that the plague monks put up a damn good fight against the boyz, but really I couldn’t win the battle with them and when they were flank charged by the wolf riders it was easily game over. I didn’t even bother with my turn three (I did ask if he wanted to continue out of coutesy but he declined. I figured I shouldn’t deny him his glory but he agreed that mopping up some of my crap units wasn’t that enjoyable). We counted up the victory points and objectives right there as if it had been the end of turn six (again I suspect that doing this meant he had got the 30 points for a win, but hopefully not enough VPs to encounter the hardcore daemon armies that would also be on 30 points. I have to admit I would have done the same).

So there you go, complete destruction.


2 responses to “GT ’08: Heat 1 Battle Report

  1. Outstanding ! I loved it.

    It got off to such a promising start for your critters, what with the “unbreakfasted” squigs and the mad shaman.

    My favourite moment…

    “Four inches isn’t that far when being pursued by black orcs.”

    Lol, what an excellent battle report. Nice one – 5 stars !


  2. Thanks a lot. Second report is now up and I hope to have most of the others done tomorrow.

    Some of it makes sad, sad reading,

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