GT ‘08: Heat 1 Battle Report 2

Game 2 vs Vampire Counts

Skaven actually do surprisingly well versus undead, a lot of which I suspect has to do with them not having enough to counter the ratling guns. I figured my skaven would have slightly more chance than others due to the bell (1 unit of clanrats immune to Psychology) and then plague monks and censer bearers being frenzied (and therefore ITP as well).

A roll of 13 on the screaming bell can also be particularly effective against them. My plan on this one would be to reduce each unit at a time to stop any kind of raising later in the game, even if my magic defence did falter.

When I got to the table there were five units of ghouls, two units of dire wolves, a large block of zombies and a unit of knights (not the bloody variety) waiting for me.

This game would be objective winning; each player places two objectives of which only one can be in their own deployment zone. Personally I think this was a badly thought out idea, as the placing of objectives was more important that the placing of your army. If it was my tournament I would have got the players to place their objectives and then scatter them 3D6 inches in a random direction. Having all four scatter towards you opponent would be better in my opinion than you both placing them in ridiculous positions.

Anyhow, I got turn 2 again (this time it was of benefit, kinda) and he took his free ghoul movement and moved 5 ghoul units right up. In his first turn he moved them further towards me, close enough for a dance straight into my lines.

In magic there was the usual fist full of dice and +1 to cast which I managed to counter fairly well, allowing a raise only into units I knew would be getting blasted next turn.

My turn one. Unfortunately the plague censer bearers are in range of his lords unit and duly charge in. The giant rats charge into another unit of ghouls alongside the plague monks. This was to be a big mistake that only later on in the game was I to realise.

In magic I blast the two ghoul units in front of my clanrats (with screaming bell) with no less than three warp lightnings (1 was dispelled) and a storm daemon. One unit was effectively destroyed. My reasoning for this was destroying one unit first then allowed him to raise into the other 4, but blasting two units would mean that he’d need to concentrate into raising into both units before one got destroyed. In shooting I blasted both ratling guns into the nearest and most depleted ghoul unit completely destroying it. I then took a pot shot at his lord and BSB behind with the warp lightning cannon but he got both his look out sirs.

The next few turns continued with me basically shooting, warp lightning and killing (with my plague monks), his ghouls until only one unit remained. I did get lucky in the middle with my plague censer bearers holding up the ghoul unit (with his lord in) so my screaming bell unit could flank charge and destroy this unit. To protect his lord he charged in the BSB and necromancer (whose own unit had suffered horrendous casualties, i.e. everyone, from ratling gun fire) into the flank of the screaming bell unit. This was his mistake as when he went to cast he realised he now couldn’t raise the unit as it had been destroyed. His lord managed to escape with the help of the cast iron ring but the BSB and necro bit the dust.

Coming to the end of the battle he still had an objective covered by his knights and one covered by his zombies back in his deployment zone. I had blocked access to one of mine with the screaming bell unit and his lord couldn’t get through. However, he had moved his dire wolves into contact with my second objective in my deployment zone and now my plaguemonks and giant rats, the only things that could hold it were in the middle of the table, getting march blocked, trying to get to the zombies holding his objectives. This was my mistake, I should have moved at least one of these units back to my objective. I maybe should have just let the plaguemonks take out the ghouls at the beginning, I have no idea why I moved the giant rats out, but I did.

As he’d had his turn six, I turned my screaming bell unti around and moved slightly forward to try and get a plague off against the zombies. If I could blast them down to nothing, we’d only have 1 objective each and effectively a draw. My magic fizzled out and nothing got through. The ratling gun managed to kill off the zombie screen he’d raised to protect the dire wolves and then it was time to ring the bell. 13, wow, I need to re-count that. Yes a 13, he needs to take an instability test for everyone. The dire wolves holding an objective pop completely. The knights lose……1, damn, still a unit strength of 6, I lose.

Well thinking back over this game, I actually got enough VPs to scrape a very very minor victory, but as it was, I lost the game due to objectives. I could have won this and I think the reason I didn’t is that I didn’t have enough to take the fight to him and defend my objectives. I also didn’t kill his lord, if I had of, the game would have easily been won. As it was, I ripped the heart out of his ghouls that made it slightly more bearable. A miscast of turn two didn’t help much and really I should have play tested the scenarios before I went. It was only when it was too late that I realised I threw it away.

I was fairly happy that any more undead armies would be kissing my arse.


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