GT ‘08: Heat 1 Battle Report 3

Game 3 vs Wood Elves

I was getting to that fairly depressing state that you get to when you’ve lost two games in a row and effectively thrown away your chances to qualify (some of you may never have been in that state, but it sucks). So far I knew I’d played well, but had some bad luck. Hopefully this would change, and change it did. The next game was annialation, you get a certain number of kill points for each unit, core are 1, special 2, rare 3 and characters 1 each (lords are 3). Whoever got the most kill points won the game.

Although the guy with the wood elves wasn’t that experienced, I can’t say it was a walkover, because it wasn’t, I just had dice of fire. He’d lost the game on turn one when one warp lightning had destroyed a unit of 10 archers; the second had dropped another unit of 10 down to 2 and the third wiped out his first unit of dryads. The warplightning cannon blasted his tree man with a strength 10 hit but I rolled a 1 to wound (damn dice of fire sometimes cock up). The ratling guns didn’t fire as they moved up to cover all avenues of movement. In his first turn he failed to get a single tree sing off and he had nothing left to shoot.

In my second turn I took a gamble and moved everything up, past the tree with the treeman now in it. I nearly blasted the second dryad unit into oblivion with warp lightning but he’d had enough of lightning and scrolled it. I was rolling no less than 13 for each time I cast it. The second warp lightning destroyed what remained of the archers, and the one ratling gun destroyed the second dryad unit.
On his turn two he charged the treeman into the flank of the plaguemonks.

The rest of the battle basically consisted of my squeezing out what remained of his army and blasting them with spells and ratling guns until dead and beating him in combat with the plaguemonks every turn until he failed his stubborn test and broke.

The guy had kind of given up by turn three but he battled on anyway. Thumbs up to him for that.

Let the slaughter continue.


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