Lizardmen of the Dragon Isles

As mentioned in previous posts the dipping of the lizardmen isn’t going full steam ahead, but it is moving fairly quickly. After bringing the skaven out of retirment to go to the GT they have now been packed away ready for temporary retirment until the new book comes out. This leaves me to concentrate on my Daemons and Lizardmen.

I’ve always wanted to move away from the Lustrian homeland and have played with the following ideas recently.

1. Southlands army. Although I never wanted an actual southlands army, with cohorts of skinks etc, I did consider that even though there aren’t as many saurus in the southlands, there are still a fair number of them so potentially my army could be one of the ‘elite’ armies still in the southlands. I also considered how the lizardmen would move around the world, especially over to Albion, where they now have a new temple city being built.

I vaguely remember in Man o War they rode on giant sea creatures, but I can’t imagine a whole fleet of them. How would they transport all those stegadons and carnasaurs? Could they possibly have some sort of teleportation device underneath their temples. Move seemlessly between temple cities maybe?

Copyright Games Workshop. Used withour permission.

2. Lizardmen of the Dragon Isles. The dragon Isles is mentioned in the lizardmen book, the last paragraph on page 72. It says:

“Similarly, the Lizardmen colonies on the Dragon Isles to the east of the Southlands were cut off from their masters many centuries ago, but the degradation of their culture was much more rapid and pronounced.”

“Whether the Slann of Lustria have attempted to establish communications with the lost kin or have simply abandoned them to their fate is unclear, but certainly there has been little or no contact between Lustria and the Dragon Isles for hundreds of years.”

 Two ideas jumped out at me. Either build a lizardmen force attempting to re-occupy parts of the Dragon Isles and/or re-claim lost artifacts OR build a native Lizardmen force, very barbaric and savage. The first could just be a back story to the army but the second would be a big undertaking, one that I’m too far ahead of to undertake. With large parts of my army either built/painted/finished, I’m not sure I could do enough to make this look like a feral cohesive force.

I did look through Google to try and find some information but there isn’t much. Lord Tlaloc of The Pyramid Vault has been down this route before, with a primary force of Skinks who overthrow their masters and become cannibals. He also has some pictures of models he converted which can be found here and one I’ve linkied to below.

Its a great idea, but I think this involves a lot of work, and my army being dipped and based quickly is moving fast away from a beautifully painted and converted army.

3. The final idea is a strike force, led by Oldblood on a carnie that strikes quick to recover lost artifacts. This would involving the army up into a faster army than I currently employ.

4. As the army is painted a terracotta (ish) colour, i could maybe write some fluff about them coming from Kuresh, Ind or somewhere far east.

I really like the idea of the dragon isles, but I think I’ve missed the boat as this army would have a more feral look, so it looks like I’ll have to have them as some kind of reconnaissance force. It may just be they are a stock painted army with a bit of background filler on this blog.

I’ve got some latest progress pictures to put up soon.


4 responses to “Lizardmen of the Dragon Isles

  1. Really great article, I look forward to the progress pictures!


  2. Wow thats pretty neat. I havnt gott’n my Lizardman book yet so I dont know all the back story. The pics of his work are gone, is there any anywere else?

  3. just to add to the dragon isles part a bit that i found quite intresting is CHUPAYOTL the sunken city it is at the bottom of lustria and it tells of the city that dissapeared into the sea and it was not foreseen or prophesised in any known plaques and it even though most of the inhabitants escaped mostly the slaan and the templeguard, in the lizardmen history it tells of saurus with a shark features and such. so i think that it would be interesting to convert an army to go with the story of the sunken city XD

  4. cool thought on the shark saurus, my army is a little more simple but has a nice fluff. fisrt of i painted my slann to look albino (all white with red eyes). also my lizardmen live near the volcano islands and have evolved to live in a dead enviorment (ther basecoat is chaos black with a scab red or blood red can’t remeber) simple and different. let me tell you the white slann really looks cool with a bunch of black temple guard (yea i’m constatly harrsed by people saying my slann is a racest white guy controlling a bunch of black guys)

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