Fridays game

Another Quick update. We had a fairly enjoyable but slightly frustrating game Friday night. Gav and I took a joint army of Lizards and High Elves against Rich and Carls joint Empire army. Why was the game frustrating, again it falls back to the rules. How badly are some of these rules written?

Anyway they’ll be added to the house rules section to wait for an answer.

Back to the battle we got slightly spanked. We lasted longer than we thought we would, the combination of Teclis and a 2nd Gen slaan mutilating the magic phase (I think we got 4 irresistables on one magic phase) but in the end fell to a combination of overwhelming numbers/war machines/combat characters.

Funniest part of the game: Karl Franz having all his items unmade by Vaul.


6 responses to “Fridays game

  1. Hi,

    as an Empire Player, who faces off against Lizards and High Elves regularly- what kind of rules issues where frustrating you, just curious?

  2. See what you make of these ones:

    1. Can ‘beast cowers’ be used on either an immune to psychology unit (i.e. Karl Franz in unit of knights) or the war altar. The main contention is that technically the spell is causing a psycological effect on something that is immune to it. My stance was that this particular effect makes you immune to certain (and stated) efffects such as fear.

    All the times I’ve seen it played greater daemons etc have been beast cowered before.

    2. I have my slann in the flank of a unit of knights where the front rank is (I may have this wrong) Ludwig, Karl Franz, Arch Lector, unit champion, warrior priest. In the second rank is the standard bearer and musician.

    I cast hunters spear hoping to get a nice character BBQ but we end up arguing it. On this one I think I am right that I can target the front rank but the wording for bolt throwers is not very well worded.

    It was more main rules things than specific army rules.

    Edit: I’m convined I could have BBQ’d them but need to put together a good argument under our house rules section.

  3. 1. The way we play it over here, is “immune to psych” is immune to psych.. Beast Cowers is a Psychology while Immune to Psych is play- it will not work.

    2. as far as I can tell this is covered under the “look out sir rule” (3rd paragraph) if there are no rank and file troops in the front row..You may 100% correctly target the front rank…the characters just get “lookout sirs” rolls.

  4. As there were only 3 rank and file they would not get look out sirs, you’ll need at least 5.

    As for beast cowers, I’m favouring it would work, simply as the rules say they are immune to certain effects, i.e. fear, terror and panic. There are no other psychological disclaimers to cover other eventualities. The way I see it is that the spell is a spell with an outcome, if the spell was called ‘creature entanglement’ would that change your opinion?

  5. On the Bolt Thrower- I was not getting there where only 7 models in the unit, I had assumed you just mentioned the SB&M in the second row to illustrate the setup, not that they where the only models.. Given that I’d go back to the Bolt thrower description and the last paragraph which says if you don’t have 5 R&F models in the units you just randomize who gets hit and I guess move on from there,

    On Beast Cowers..It a solid point on ItP that it
    only applies to Fear, Terror and Panic, but alot of people don’t play that way..the spell description of “beast cowers” reads as if its psychological effect, if it read like as if were describe some other type of entanglement spell I guess it would fly but since it clearly states it “saps your will” people will try it use ItP to stop it.

    without an official ruling the issue on “beast cowers” issue my answer would be a house rule, with Bolt Thrower I think that is pretty cut and dry unless I am missing something obvious.

    Best of luck in the next match!

  6. Thanks for the comments John. We’ve decided that none of us care which way is right, as long as we know how we will play from now.
    To make it fair, we’re going to get another gaming buddy to make the decision on both of them for us and house rule it that way.

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