GT ‘08: Heat 1 Battle Report 4

Game 4 vs Ogre Kingdoms

I was drunk with excitement about actually getting some points at last and turned up to look at the list, only to find even better news. Ogre kingdoms. I knew from previous experience that ogre kingdoms, in the right hands were dangerous, but against the skaven were target practise. I hoped my dice would still be on fire.

I set up in my usual way, main units in the middle (with plaguemonks and censer bearers to the right), unit of giant rats to the left and jezzails to the extreme right. Against the jezzails he put the trappers, in the middle were three units of yetees and a mixed bag of ogre units. I let him have first turn so he’d be in range of my ratling guns on the first turn. His characters consisted of a BSB, butcher and tyrant. I took a gamble with my scouts and put them on the hill in front of my right flank to stop his bulls marching past me.

My aim for this game was to magic and shoot the crap out of them.

On his first turn he moved everything up. On my first turn I inched forward and blasted away. My warplightnings reduced one of his yetee units to 1 base and the other to 2 bases. My jezzails bought down some ogres and the ratling guns were out of range. I shot at his extreme right unit of ogres with my gutter runners, causing enough wounds to drop one and for them to take a panic test. They failed and went fleeing towards the edge of the board.

Second turn and he charged the single remaining yetee into the front of my plaguemonks and the 2 bases into the flank. He charged the tyrant and a unit of ogres into the screaming bell unit (with spears). He set up everything else for next turn charges. Fortunately for me, all my dispel attempts were successful and I only let him get gut magic off where he wasn’t in combat.

The plaguemonk combat didn’t go very well with me needing 5’s to hit and 5’s to wound and the plague priest inflicted the only wound with his strength 5 hit that got through. I had no ranks (due to flank charge) so relied on war banner, banner and outnumber to keep me in the combat. As it happened I rolled a 3 and survived for another turn. In the combat with the screaming bell he rolled very very badly and killed one skaven and I inflicted one wound back on the ogres. With full ranks, outnumber and banner he needed a bit of luck to hang around. Unfortunately for him luck looked in on me and both units fled, I pursued and caught both relatively easily and took me into another unit of yetees (clipped them rather than hit them straight on).

In my second turn I kept my left flank where it was and bought my giant rats around to protect the second unit of clan rats about to get charged by big ogres with bigger weapons and lots of armour. They were also regenerating so I was thinking of just holding out as long as I could and try to win the right flank and the middle.

In magic my two warlock engineers had free range to anything they wanted. One blew all the trappers into another world with an irresistible force warplightning. The second wrecked havoc in the middle with his spell and the additional warp scroll. In I recall the grey seer fluffed his magic a bit and took a wound for the inconvenience. My ratling guns were now in range and started to roll out the barrels. The ratling gun to the right misfired with a double 1 and stood there scratching his herd, the second managed to pump out enough to drop a remaining ogre.

Knowing that the plaguemonks needed a wee bit of help, the jezzails fired into the combat with the yetees. I figured if I could just kill 1 on the flank it would be an easy victory there. Luck again was in and after randomising one of the yetees on the flank was dead. Thankfully this now left me a fully loaded and operational warp lightning cannon (which I’d been saving for the yetee mission) to blow apart the BSB. Plan went semi-according to plan, but rolling up a strength 4 hit didn’t wound him. As a side note, I had considered throwing the jezzails into combat to pull back the +1 for flanks, but decided against it at the last minute.

It was his turn three and he didn’t have much left on the board. The regenerating hard as nails ogres declared against the clan rats that chose to flee (clever little boys). This now left him and the butcher in a death zone for next turn.

The plaguemonks now had outnumber, 2 ranks, warbanner and banner and after both units had finished tickling each other the plaguemonks easily won, pursued and destroyed the yetee to their front.

The rest of the game was now a mop up. With 3 2D6 warp lightning’s, 1 bound 1D6, 2 ratling guns a warplightning cannon and 6 jezzails it was a matter of dropping everything else.

2500vp to 146 vp. As it was an annihilation game again I had another 30 points for the tally. Qualification was a slight possibility.

In fairness to the guy he had the worst luck ever. In the fifth turn I ratling gunned his BSB who had an item that when he died from shooting he would get back up on any roll but a one. I knew he’d roll a one as soon as he told me about the item.

He ended up rolling a one.
With two loses and two wins I was now on 62 points. The rumour put the qualification band at between 111 and 120. If I could win my next two games it would put me at 122, probably just enough to scrape through.

When the results got put up I saw I’d be facing another skaven army. I just knew this was the SAD skaven army I’d seen further up the tables. Uh oh……..


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