How to roll a dice and other helpful accusations…

Apart from Warphammer, my favourite blog is From the Warp, which is strange because I’ve played 40K about 5 times in my life.

The reason I enjoy the blog is the amount of hobby stuff I can get from it, my favourite being character bases with small cut outs in the base for a dice to be placed to keep track of wounds, an idea I’m definately going to steal at some point (thanks Ron).

But there are other posts I enjoy, my favourite being dice rolling and opponents armies (more on that another time).

I’ve been thinking recently about dice rolling. I’ve been accussed recently of dice cheating by some gaming buddies (thanks carl and rich), and in all seriousness, I think they were right. I’m known amongst my group as a very high dice roller, I can make every daemonic ward save in one turn at times and people have started to realise this. Carl and Richard have been watching how I throw the dice. I pick up the dice and don’t roll them like my life depends on it. They had a point.

I decided to test the dice rolling technique they thought I employed, taking six dice and placing them in my palm 1’s up. I then closed my hand and almost dropped them onto the table. The average dice roll just seemed to be more than average. When I took up the dice, cupped and shaked the dice I seemed to roll less than average. Coincidence?

Over the course of last weeks game Richard counted all the sixes and ones both side rolled. As he predicted we (me and gav) rolled more sixes than ones and they (carl and rich) rolled more ones than sixes and this was with me cupping and shaking as much as possible. Maybe I am favoured by the dice gods?

Carls dice are always bad. He employs the games workshop ones, you know the big bulky black and red cheap ones. Apparently I’ve heard from several people that these dice roll ones more than other numbers due to the way the one dips into the dice making it lighter and therefore more likely to come up top.

However, I know that several months ago, during a larger battle, he called the dice god a whore. I think that has something to do with it.

Before the dice placing ‘accusations’, I received word from some of the gamers that it might be my nice new orange dice that are ‘lucky’. Carl swapped with me for a game and still had bad luck so that went out the window.

Before even that, back in 2002 when we first started playing, I had a see through purple D6, one of an old D&D set I still have. It alwasy rolled a six in when I needed it most. Again, the dice was tested by everyone over a long period of time until I was relived to find that my jury of peers had found my lucky purple dice not to be weighted and not to roll more sixes than any other number. There are some people however that still have their suspicions, so every now and again, for those really important rolls I pull out the lucky purple.

Like Ron at From the Warp, I also like people to run through what they’re doing a bit more often. With mates I’m not so worried about seeing the dice, and less worried about what they are. Soemtimes I wont pay too much attention when they are rolling and just wait for them to tell me how many saves and what modifier. Sometimes if we are playing a game with newer models or with multiple characters I tend to keep my eye on it, purely because its easy to forget some things in the heat of a battle, like they have to re-roll hits or wounds and the like or a daemon has the daemonic robes.

When I roll dice ( and my gaming group tend to do the same thing) I roll my characters seperately from my troops. It helps. I find it is just as quick as getting different coloured dice and remembering whose who. That method gets even more complicated  when you factor different people attacking different things.

For my troopers, I tend to roll all the ‘to hits’ and then however many wound rolls I have to make I pick up new dice and leave all the hits whwre they are. I’ll then roll the wounds on another part of the battlefield. I tend to do this more in tournaments or against people I don’t play against often. It gives them the chance to check the hits while I get on with the wounding, it also stops any of the “wait, I’m WS 7, you need 5’s to hit me” arguments or the “You picked up a 3 to hit, you’re on 4’s” discussions.

On a normal gaming night, my superstitious habits come out and I find that on those big fights I NEED to roll the lower numbered to hits for my wounding rolls. Sometimes when its a full moon I can’t even roll dice with high numbers facing up, obviously the next roll would have to be low, right?


6 responses to “How to roll a dice and other helpful accusations…

  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. Great post.
    I wish I had half the luck you did.

    I can’t roll to save my life and on more than one occassion I’ve lost the game to catastrophic dice rolls that would defy the odds anywhere.
    Consider this Top 5’ed.

  3. I just seem to roll 6’s. We did go to one doubles tournament with 1500 pts of skaven and the moment we started our first game my dice went terrible until the end of the tournament.

    First game home I was back into very good dice.

    How the dice gods play their games with us.

  4. Great blog. He’s an ugly little bloke in the graphics at the top. Thanks

  5. I also have extremely bad dice roll if i’m shooting with something like a multi-melta on my dread when i will only not wound on a 1 and i’ll roll a one and even with my space marines i make about 1 save in 5.
    luckily the people at my club are so bad i win anyway 😀

  6. @ Ross, Thanks and yes he is ugly, but he’s not too bad at casting spells, so we keep him around.

    @ Peter, if that ever happened to me I’d actually have to start using tactics to win 🙂

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