Whats wrong with the new warriors of chaos?

Just read a very good post about a this months White Dwarf (WD346) battle report, chaos warriors against, wait for it…….Dwarfs!

The original poster made a very good point:

So on to the battle report. I expect the Chaos Warriors (taken by Phil Kelly) will really have their hands full with playing against Allesio. I figure a real clinic where Allesio might take his Brettonians to demonstrate how the Warriors will have to deal with fast moving, hard hitting cavalry, or his Skaven, where the CWs will have to deal with lots of hard hitting shooting, fast infantry, and lots of troops. Or maybe even the new Dark Elves, where the CWs will have to deal with lots of magic, very fast, maneuverable troops. Heck even possibly a real test, Wood Elves with their quick lateral speed and masterful use of terrain. With any of these choices, the battle report would show how the studio’s internal playtesters developed the list to deal with skirmishers, hard hitting cavalry or flyers, I can’t wait… 

This, along with the (very confirmed) reports there will be no skirmishers or flyers and the MASSIVE FAQ (one is currently up to 70 questions) being collected on forums across the interweb before the book is even on sale makes me wonder what is going on.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Warriors of Chaos to be some horrible unbalanced uber list, but I do want it to be playable. Before the older book got retired a true chaos warriors army was boring to play and usually resulted in you getting battered before getting to fight. The new book looks like it’ll be exactly the same all over again. I honestly believe that Games Workshop had a lot of potential to make the new warriors exciting and tactical but threw it all away, this shows by the fact they gave a true mortals list in WD (PDF linked on the right) but then realised it wasn’t any good and threw back in a lot of the good beasts stuff such as ogres, trolls and giants. Then they make up some rules for a cool chaos altar thing and don’t really think it through. It doesn’t even help that the book cover art looks shitty.

I’ll try it out and I’m hoping I can read back through this post and laugh at my mistakes. The problem is I have this sneaky suspision that I’m hoping for too much.

Copyright Games Workshop. Used withour permission.

3 responses to “Whats wrong with the new warriors of chaos?

  1. Actually its UK WD 347.

  2. Uh-oh, you’re making me scared now ! I have been eyeing up these new figures and getting excited about getting into a new army.

    Do I need to think again ?! I guess I should get the book first and make a judgement.

    The other thing I now want to know is… where is my White Dwarf subscription ! Grrr….

    PS. I picked up the new rules links from your blog. Thanks for posting them.

    All the best,

  3. The figures are looking really good, I’m going to be get as many as I can for my army, but I’m concerned they’ve taken away some of the tactical flexibility of the army.

    I have a prediction that they’ll be less and less ranked up units in a chaos army than before.

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