Thoughts on the new Warriors of Chaos

Carl, Rich and Gav came round last night to pick up some glue and some spare chaos bits i have for Carls new chaos army and after about 10 minutes it became clear that Carl wanted to test his new army list out against my more fluffy list I posted up on Saturday. So we cleared some space, got some stand in models and went for it.

Carl went for sorceror lord, sorceror and exalted champ with the book. Along with this he took a unit of 15 chosen, 2 units of marauders, 2 units of 5 marauder cav with throwing axes, 5 knights and a warshrine. I took the list I wrote with the removal of most of the nurgle marks and a third of the marauders from each unit to drop me down to below 2000pts.

The game was pretty fun and the gamble of taking no magical defense paid off as his Tzeentch Lord was rolling so high (before +2 and then a D3 each magic phase) that the points cost of any magic defense wouldn’t have been as key as just adding a lot more throw away troops, which I did.

The game was (or should I say would have been) a nice victory to me until I decided (I must add this was on purpose) to just see what both armies could do and started to re-engage him instead of backing off and taking the win. In the end it worked out to be a draw.

But I think lessons were learnt. Warriors of chaos haven’t changed the playstyle of the army as much as other army books, but it has changed my playstyle slightly. With no daemons I’ve now had to move over to pure mortals and the changes associated with it.

My army first, I think the warshrine is nice to have but not essential to the way the army plays. This could be dropped for other things. A mark of slaanesh on both marauder units would be good for more competative play, the festering shroud isn’t really required and the points could be spent elsewhere and this would then make the palanquin not as nessesary (using the 50mm base to drag in more people to take the toughness test). Overall this would save 75pts. Playing against skaven and empire I’d keep the palaquin, but against tougher more elite armies I would just take the chaos steed.

Onto the pro points, bloodcurdling roar is pretty good for 20pts. I managed to get it off against Carls knights but only rolled 3 for the number of hits. The second time I used it I rolled 3 again. If you can get a better roll against knights and roll at least 1 six it would be well worth the points. The Crown of Everlasting Glory will always be my first choice of magic item on my general (it always has been) and I would always take a chariot.

Onto Carls army and I think he took too much magic. The problem with magic is its too unpredictable, sometimes it rapes armies, sometimes it doesn’t. If I were him I would change his general to a chaos lord. I would also take some hounds. Other than that, chosen warriors weren’t better than normal chaos warriors, and the points saved there would buy him a unit of hounds. I would also make his other character a BSB.

We also both thing that the mark of nurgle is looking more useful than the mark of tzeentch.

Overall I think the army is still pretty good, basically an update to what was a fairly good book.

Edit: I also made a school boy error. Should really have bought halberds for the two mounted exalted heros. Same strength, half the points and fight in initiative order. Doh.


2 responses to “Thoughts on the new Warriors of Chaos

  1. So…how does the army feel? I’m really feeling the need to play a Nurgle themed army. Currently play Vampire Counts (kind of liking the fact it feels more like old Undead than the last VC books) and know the pain of a lack of shooting.

  2. After playing two 4000pts each side games yesterday, I can tell you, it plays exactly the same.

    They’ve increased the power slightly and the lose of deamons wont be too much of a problem for most chaos players (except obviously furies!) but overall, its more of the same.

    Nurgle is good, especially chaos vs chaos as you’ll always have the combat advantage.

    But…chaos still suffer to the same problems, shooting and being outmanourvered/march blocked.

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