Warhammer Cleanup

My wife has been hinting for some time that my ‘hobby’ is starting to take over the house and in some ways I see her point. Out entire second bedroom seems to be a storage area and a cupboard in the main bedroom is also a big warhammer storage area. Now I have taken over the dinning room table for painting and modelling.

So I decided to have a clearout. I went to Homebase and bought a cheap shelve unit for the second bedroom. After making this up (and adding extra shelves) I put all my warhammer armies out, one per shelf. This should stop the table upstairs filling up with units and models after having been used in battle. The partially build models still clutter up the table but I’ve got to get more storage for those.

I’ve started moving over my bits box into seperate containers and organising my older paints.

Obviously this, work and painting models has taken up a lot of my time last week so I didn’t have much time to update the blog this week.

Eagle eyed readers will notice that my win/lose ratio with the new mortals has increased significantly in favour of the loses.

We had two large battles over the weekend, and I’m not happy to say that the high elves spanked us twice in a row. Hopefully Carl now knows the weekness of mortals against fast moving, shooting and general ‘avoidance’ armies. Teclis didn’t help matters.

The battles however have given me a better insight on how to build up my mortals. The Chaos lord of Khorne on a juggernaut is awesome. The knights are also awesome, but instead of taking only a champion I’ll be dropping him and taking a standard bearer instead. The two times my knights engaged (against phoenix guard first and then took a chariot in the front and dragon in the rear in the second game) I lost the combat by one. Notable moment of the second game was when Rich’s dragon flanked charged my knights and my unit champ issued a challenge. What hits did get through were saved and I lost no models from that combat (it was only a tironoc chariot after all).

Maybe I’ll be lucky and one of the players will feel inclined to send me some pictures or write up the battle reports.


2 responses to “Warhammer Cleanup

  1. I new i shouldn’t have split those dragons up, aaargh, the one time it happens!!
    My favourite part was when Archeaon died, i’m not sure thats how it happend in the history books?

  2. It worked out in the end once they managed to team up again

    I’m not sure archaons deaths was quite how carl thought it would be either 🙂

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