Valkia the bloody: First ideas

I’ve been thinking about a converting Valkia the bloody from the new warriors of chaos book for a couple of weeks, but after a discussion with Carl this evening and his view that I don’t have any ‘true’ conversions in my collection, the plan to build her has been brought forward to try and disprove this.



The first thing I do (as I expect the others do) is to see if anyone has already done it and pinch some of their ideas if possible.

First one that comes up on google is from warseer (post here). Very good attempt, but maybe a bit big. I’d expect her to be very slightly bigger than a chaos warrior.

A couple of forums have hinted at using the living saint as a base for her. I pretty much stubbled onto the same idea whilst in Games Workshop the other week. Armoured boobs. Perfect. I’ll substitute her legs for a spare pair of bloodletters legs. Not sure how the spear will be done, maybe use one of the spare ones from the new chaos knights. She carries a shield with a daemon locked inside. If my memory serves me correctly there is a good one again in the chaos knights box.

Not sure on the wings or the face yet.

Belows a picture which kind of shows whats going on in my mind right now.



4 responses to “Valkia the bloody: First ideas

  1. I’ve finished mine. Used the Living Saint (torso only) with legs from a very old, oop Chaos Warrior (bone-armoured, with a bestial head). The Head was Morathi’s, but without the antlers and with more of the dreadlocks (so two lots of Morathi’s hair – I had spares). The wings were from the Dark Pegasus and as you’ve said I used a lance and shield from the new Knights sprue (again, using spares to save on cost).

    So my main expense was the Living Saint and Morathi. Of course the addition on the legs makes her priceless as you can’t get that model any more for love nor money. I just happened to have a spare one kicking around from an old conversion piece that I’ve since redone.

    The finished article looks good. A friend wants me to make him one, but I’m going to have to go with bloodletter legs for that one.

  2. Have you got a picture posted up anywhere? I’d like to see how it turned out.

    I’ve just realised I’ve used the shield I wanted on my knights already, so I’m going to have to try and steal one from my mate carl.

  3. you can easy convert this model:
    Its Pleasure deamon from ULTRAFORGE miniatures…. I will do it when finde more free time 😀

  4. I just finished my Valkia conversion also. Started a warriors of chaos army and she’s just the coolest and best option out of the heroes to take.

    Heres a pic of the conversion, unmounted and unpainted, not even a primer yet so you can see all the nice little conversion bits

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