Christmas Carnage: Rules Draft

I’m currently working on some rules for a fun christmas game of warhammer which involves lots of killing and fun. I’m probably going to add a back story, some more christmas inspired rules and add a special character or three in, but heres the start of them…

Choose your force up to 2000pts. You are only allowed lords or heros. All upgrades are allowed, i.e. chariots, dragons etc. Special characters are allowed (encouraged?) and any named unit upgrades may be taken for the points cost of a normal trooper plus the cost of the named character. I.e. Karanak may be taken for the cost of a flesh hound (35 points) and the upgrade cost for karanak (+75 points) for a total of 110pts.


No core, special or rare choices can be taken apart from the above exceptions.


Normal turn sequence is removed. Everyone moves/charges/rallies in initiative order, then magic in initiative order, shoots in initiative order then every combat is resolved.


Each person will generate 2 basic power and dispel dice in the magic phase plus those of the characters they have.


You may pick you own spells rather than roll on the chart.


Once in combat, all characters are assumed to be immune to psychology and unbreakable. If you already have those abilities then you’ve just wasted valuable points.


Before the game a centre point will be decided and then dependant on the number of armies, there will be a starting area 16 inches from the middle of the battlefield. Everyone will dice off and the lowest roller will choose their deployment first, followed by the next lowest roller. The more players, the closer the deployment zones.


No terrain on the battlefield except a giant pyramid in the middle (most likely made from whatever DVD cases are in the room).


Every player starts with 5 christmas warp bonus tokens. The tokens can be exchanged at any point in the game for the following ‘gifts’. You can spend as many tokens as you like at any time.


Christmas warp bonus tokens


Smoke and mirrors trick – choose two of your characters, you may immediately swap their position. Roll the misfire dice, on a misfire scatter all your own characters 2D6”, even those in combat.


Summon snowstorm – place the large template anywhere you want and scatter it as normal. Everything under the template (even partially) takes an even share of 3D6 strength D6 hits. If misfire is rolled, the controlling player must remove D3 wounds from their characters with no saves of any kind


Pixy Trick – Inverts the dice roll of a any dice batch i.e. a dice roll for a spell of 1, 5 and 5 would become 5, 1 and 1 (MISCAST!!!). Rolling to wound and you roll three 1’s could be three sixes (nice for characters with killing blow!)


Treacle surprise – Choose one character on the table, they may not move, fly, flee until the end of the turn. Roll the misfire dice, on a misfire the treacle tin has exploded and no body can move in any way for the rest of the turn.


Loaded dice – For each token used, turn a dice over to show a ‘six’


Stupid potion – Everyone on the battlefield must take an immediate stupidity test at –1 ld (your own characters take the test at +1ld)


Using underhanded ‘trick’ combos and overpowered special characters is encouraged.


5 responses to “Christmas Carnage: Rules Draft

  1. northerntribemen

    I have to try that with you buddy

  2. sounds like a poor excuse to mash us with greater deamons again!

  3. Scared? You should be.

    Actually I was thinking of using chaos mortals, pure khorne list. Valkia, scyla, 2 Khorne lords, a couple of heros on chariots, khorne daemon prince. Pure carnage.

  4. Id like to try this as well. With my 40K army Im getting little santa hats and putting them on my hive tyrant and on my warboss, the aim of the game is to race to santas lap first. You can intercept your foe, you can also kill the opposing teams santa, which means that you win, but it has to be in close combat. Im making littl elf hats for 2 Nobz as elves, and 3 Elf hats for Tyranid warriors. Rules are currently underway. What a way to begin X-mas! lol.

  5. lol, I like that.

    In case no one is up for the above, we’ll have a game but I’ll randomly throw down some chrsitmas inspired (thanks GW crawley) goblin fanatics in the middle of the battlefield.

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