GW GT 2008 Heat 1 photos

Today I was sorting through some folders on my laptop and come across some photos from Heat 1. The purple skaven are obviously mine, but I took some photos of other peoples daemons for inspiration in building my army. Unfortunately in my haste to get some lunch and smoke an entire packet of benson and hedges I forgot to write down whose models they were.

If you find a picture here of your models, let me know and I’ll either credit you or remove them.

My grey seer on a screaming bell. The screaming bell is finished, the seer isn’t. Its mounted on a custom size base, using the modular movement trays from Games Workshop that I’ve been harping on about recently.


This next photo is my warp lightning cannon. As you can see I haven’t put the slaves on. I wish I had a whole back story to cover why along with a lavishly detailed bit of fluff, but I don’t. The real reason is I can’t find them.

The base does look a bit naff, but I’ve been putting the static grass on to get them into tournaments. When my other armies are finished I’ll go back to these and re-do the bases, possibly even forking out for resin bases.


The next picture is some of my skaven. In the foreground are my tunneller team (to be replaced by real tunnelling models when I get round to it), my giant rat pack behind them. In the background you can see the back of my plgaue monks, an old Ikit that serves as a warlock engineer and some of my plague censer bearers.


The next picture is of a blue scribes conversion I saw and thought to myself “get a picture of that, you’ll forget about it in 5 minutes time”.


Bloodletters. Thought the banner and the champions head was a good idea.


Not sure what the main model in the centre was used for, maybe a keeper of secrets. I was more interested in the furies behind.


Lastly, what appeared to be a tzeentch herald, but regardless, is my inspiration for a tzeentch herald.



One response to “GW GT 2008 Heat 1 photos

  1. Only after having a quick flick through to check what I’d written made a bit of sense did I realise that in the blue scribes picture is a changling (just to the right of the scribes).

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