2000pt Khorne Mortals List

I’ve been playing around with army roster. I like it as you can change points around without scribbling stuff out, checking points etc.

Here is the PDF I printed out.

For all those fluff bunnies, the sorceror is suppossed to be a tribal shaman, hence the lack of spell casting abilities and a more shooty/dispel role.


2 responses to “2000pt Khorne Mortals List

  1. Well i like any themed army but there are a few problems. firstly the sorcerer can only have 25pts of gifts, secondly how do you expect to survive a lore of metal, or any magical assault? cause i’m also stumped on that one.On a different matter, i think you were onto something with the psyco on the disc of tzeetch thou how did you kit him out again?

  2. Fixed the gifts problem by temporarily putting the stream of corruption on to the BSB although I’ll probably drop it full stop (don’t expect him to ever be out of combat AND in range with it.

    As for magic, I’m probably going to suffer from it big time, but I have 1 scroll so will be able to get rid of that BIG spell I don’t want getting through. The knights, horsemen and ogres should be in pretty quickly so that will save them from the worst of the magic.

    The disc guy only had the glaive and enchanted shield for the dark elf battle.

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