Back at last…

..but assuming no one noticed I was missing (except you rimhard).

Lots been going on that’ll need a bit more time and some pictures.

To summerise, four of us have decided to go to the Bristol Brawl this year and I’m finishing off my mortals army and have somehow roped myself into painting carls mortals too.

Armyrooster has been shut down!

Lizardmen book has been released, new FAQ for the main rules has been released, twice….., and many other exciting things. I hope to get onto each one of these things soon.

For now though, how horrible is a tzeentch mortal army led by a daemon prince of tzeentch?!?!


2 responses to “Back at last…

  1. I was diappointed when army roster closed down, as I was using it to build my dark elf list (WFB is harder to put a list togethor by hand than 40K)

    Glad your back though

    • Thanks mate, its good to be back. I liked armyrooster because when writing out a list you can change the number of troops and forget to update poins, or add something in and forget you’ve gone over your special allowance. At least army rooster gave you a heads up. I’ve thought about using army builder before, but just can’t be bothered with putting the new files in everytime a new list comes out.

      I’m really annoyed that GW shut it down. Why can’t they just get their arses out of the dark ages and provide something like that themselves?

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