Bristol Brawl 2009 results

Got back from the Bristol Brawl over the weekend.

We all had a great time and it was nice to hear Carl and Rhinehards thoughts on how much better an independant tournament is over the GW ones (come on GW, pick up the pace).

I managed to win two and lose three overall and all though this was exactly the same as last year, I managed to finish higher (mainly thanks to a better painting score and no point hit on changing my list).

I managed to finish 25th, Carl and Rich got to 14th and 15th respectively and Gav bought up the rear with a 34th place finish, 1 place above the bottom 4 we were trying desperately hard to not finish in. I think we all did pretty well, considering our relatively noob status to this scene.

Shockingly hard for us to believe though is Carl sportsmanship award. Well done Carl, I’ll add it to the virtual trophy cabinet later on.

Below are the results, first number is tournament points, second is painting, third is sporting points, fourth is total points and finally VP difference.

14 Carl 51 9 21 81 76 Warriors of Chaos
15 Rich 58 7 15 80 629 Empire
25 Russell 43 8 17 68 -2535 Warriors of Chaos
34 Gavin  33 7 17 57 -3488 Dark Elves

One response to “Bristol Brawl 2009 results

  1. God damn ass kissing points! I’ll show you next year Carl; I’ll steal your strategy of taking my opponents to the pub and get them so pissed they think I’m Jesus!

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