Bristol Brawl list – Warriors 2000pts

A few posts (and weeks) back I mentioned I’d post up my Bristol Brawl list, so here it is:

Warriors of Chaos


Exalted Hero (110) Tzeentch (10) Steed (16) Enchanted Shield (15) Halberd (4) Collar of Khorne (25) 180 pts

Exalted Hero (110) BSB (25) Nurgle (20) Banner of Rage (35) Steed (16) Halberd (4) Shield (5) 215 pts

Chaos Sorcerer (85) Dispel Scroll (25) Blood Curdling Roar (20) 130 pts


15 x Warriors of Chaos (225) Shields (15) Full Command (30) Rapturous Standard (20) Nurgle (30) 320 pts

10 x Marauders (40) 40 pts

5 x Marauder Horsemen (65) Flails (10) 75 pts

5 x Warhounds 30 pts


5 x Knights (200) Nurgle (30) Standard Bearer and Champion (40) Warbanner (25) 295 pts

5 x Knights (200) Tzeentch (20) Standard Bearer and Champion (40) Blasted Standard (40) 300 pts

3 x Trolls 135 pts

Chaos Chariot (120) Nurgle (30) 150 pts


Warshrine 130 pts

Total 2000 pts

I always knew that to have a chariot, 2 units of knights and a tooled up warrior unit I’d have to keep the points of the characters quite low. In the end they came out at around 700pts, more points than I would have liked.

My general was the first to be selected. Survivability for cheap was the key so I gave him the mark of Tzeentch along with the 6+ ward and MR2. I also gave him the enchanted shield but forgot to add this into his armour save everytime. For a bit punch I gave him a halberd for that crucial strength 6 when needed.

The BSB was next and I gave him the banner of rage. My figuring behind this was that I could pick and choose the unit that would be frenzied from game to game. Again, I gave him a halberd so if required he could dish out some punishment.

I knew magic offense was out of the question and played a few practise games without a sorcerer but experiance and a lack of dispel made me take a level 1 with a scroll. I wanted to take two scrolls but opted for the bloodcurdling roar instead (after the tournament I realised either bloodcurdling roar or second dispel scroll wouldn’t have made much difference).

Troops wise, I took 15 nurgle warriors with the raptuous standard for a holding unit. Great unit especially in combat with a 2+ save, but nurgle was a waste of 30pts. Not once did I ever feel the points cost was justified. Nurgle has well and truly been nurfed.

The two blocks of knights I knew would smash the pieces out of everything but knew I’d need to get them over to the opponent. One unit had the mark of nurgle for -1 shooting and the other mark of tzeentch and blasted standard for 4+ ward against attacks in the shooting phase.

Several of the club mumbled about the blasted standard but it done me very well. I could put my knights against a dwarf gun line with confidence and banshee screams just bounced off.

The nugle chariot and warshrine were the final bit along with some trolls to dribble at the enemy.

The army itself performed how I imagined, hit them fast and smash their faces in but there are a few things I’d change. The chariot done well but didn’t need the mark of nurgle (I have three nurgle chariots so the time saved in painting another one was worth the 30 points), the mark of nurgle could theoretically be dropped throughout the army, not once did I notice the benefits. The horsemen were great in their various roles but another unit wouldn’t go a miss, the amount of times I just needed another cheap unit behind the unit I was about to break was unbelievable. Hounds were ok but not really needed. If I was needing contention of table quarters I had smashed their army and could easily win them, and if I hadn’t smashed their army, table quarters were the least of my worries. Again the horsemen with fast cav rule can capture them.

Next time I go warriors, I think I’ll take khorne and beat them to more of a bloody pulp.


2 responses to “Bristol Brawl list – Warriors 2000pts

  1. For what it’s worth, when my Bretonnians have fought Nurgle marked Warriors of Chaos, that little -1 WS has really hurt me bad.

    Mark of Khorne makes little difference, whats a few extra attacks on 2+ armour saves and 5+ Ward saves? Plus Frenzied troops are far easier to bait.

    • There are some things that suffer badly from mark of nurgle, WS 3 and 5 stuff. Problem is, chaos warriors can beat up most of that stuff without nurgle. For the record, I’ve not fought a brettonian army in nearly 5 years 🙂

      I’ve found mark of Khorne to be really effective, ogres, marauders and characters especially. Knights don’t really NEED it, except for that odd occasion. However I do know that I’d rather have an army full of khorne troops than nurgle troops. Those elite armies only have no much baiting and fleeing units.

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