Oink oink

As disappointed as I am, our group have voted to call ourselves HOGS. My vote (Dice Stealing Ninjas) was ignored. I could rant on for days about it, but thats unproductive, boring to listen too (Carls already had to endure an entire hour on the phone about it) and unproductive (did I say that already?). At least we are moving in a direction. We plan to do a few more tournaments this year. We’ve been looking at the Portsmouth pillage, GW doubles, Bristol Brawl part deux and the GT heats. So here we are, the hogs………….oink oink

4 responses to “Oink oink

  1. nice pic pumba looks like the one rich drew 4 the hog’s immage.
    welldone on the brawl boys!

  2. Horsham Officers Guild? what a cunning play on words, I applaud your originality. 😀

  3. I like dice stealing ninjas, you may see your idea on another team sorry mate idea stolen.. j/k

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