Club Slang

Several members of our club have been given new nicknames (this paragraph is an attempt to immortalise these names). I give you….

Carl the book leper (don’t lend him your army book)

Magpie Stu (because he likes the shiney things)

Gollum Gav (he’ll do anything to have that one ring in his dark elf army)

Whilst we’re on the subject of nicknames (and we’ve shamelessly stolen these), pendant of kaeleth is now the pendant of cheating and the ring of hotek is the ring of filth.

Anyone else have any little nuggets of information we don’t really need to know but need to know (if you know what I mean)?


5 responses to “Club Slang

  1. Gun Bunnies – Tau Jumppack battlesuits and such anything that moves and shoots really well.

  2. Cutter – you know that really annoying kid that always rulemongers points out advantages and obvious baits coachs or critize you on choices, and generally annoys the poop out of you but has no army for themselves and only hangs out to do these things thats a cutter. (named after the real life person)

    “Man dave why are you being such a cutter today.”

  3. I can appreciate the adult side of language but what about the younger “kids” that look to the 40k blogs for a little bit of inspiration and see this.

    I’m sure there are other ways to present this and get that same point across… right?

  4. Ron, I thought about this before I posted it.

    The long and the short of it is, I’m not sure about the purpose of this blog, so for the moment I’ve taken the paragraph out.

  5. It can be hard to find a “purpose” for your blog, I know I’ve had tough times trying to find just what it was that I wanted to say/do with the little corner of the web that I’ve staked out.

    I think this post is just as funny being that you have all the nicknames for people. We all have these where we game in some form or another. I think everyone does.

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