Slann Base

Although I should have been busy finishing off the daemons for the GW doubles tournament next weekend, I decided to spend a bit of time on my slann priests base.

The base itself is made from 4 x 25mm ruined temple stone resin bases that I’m using throughout the army. Foundations of War have just made a chariot and 50mm ruined temple base but I don’t think they are as good as the smaller ones.  To make the base I used GW’s modular base kit to make a 50mm base and then superglued the 4 smaller resin bases to it.

I then filled the gaps with some filler. After a grey drybrush and slightly inked the stone green and brown with GW’s washes to give an older weathered look to the stones.

Moving on to the actual scenery. The large jungle plant in the background is from some jungle scenery I bought at Salute this year. I also poured some water effect into the gaps between the stones to give the impression of standing water. Some static grass and moss was then glued on.

After having a quick think, I’ve started to paint up a snake to go on the base too to add a bit of colour and tie in with the slann model (lots of snakes and frogs on his palanquin).


Bit of a closer up.


You can see a bit of the water in the next picture, as well as the jungle plant.


A ‘from behind’ shot.



2 responses to “Slann Base

  1. Pouring water effects into the details is a good idea. I might have to pinch that at some point.

    I also like the orange Slann, looks good.

  2. Where are you Warpahmmer ? I’m missing your updates and miniature pics 😦

    Also, I wanted to invite you to join the battle reporter forum. We’re always on the lookout for keen gamers, painters and Warhammerers like yourself.

    If you’re interested you’ll find us here:-

    our Warhammer Fantasy forum

    Come back soon,

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