Getting started again

Was just setting up a new blog for all my hobby needs and realised I already had one. So here I am again.

I’ve been off recently after an operation so had some time to surf ebay. Over the last couple of years I’ve reading the Horus Heresy novels and am forming a list of favourite to least favourite legions. Currently top of the list is Iron Warriors. Don’t know why but I just like the brutality of the legion.

Coming a close second in novels/fluff are probably World Eaters, Space Wolves and Alpha Legion.

So some time ago before my current gaming group disintergrated a bit I’d started putting an Iron Warriors army together but recently its just something I’ve been using to put together and absorb some time.

Back onto my current increase on ebay, I found a chaos marine bundle and won it for about £19 with postage. Included are 2 Rhinos, 10 plastic marines, 4 Bikes, 3 Riders, 1 Havoc with lascannon, Emperors champion, OOP Grey Knight, most of a Chaos Termie Lord (missing a  leg…!) and an Obliterator.

All in a rough condition by my standards and will need some work to sort them out but have plenty of time. Normally I’d just buy the kits I need but in this instance I got the whole lot for less than the price of a Rhino and its been a long time before I made something good out of some thing bad.

Below are the pictures as they turned up on my doorstep, not literally, they were in a box when they arrived.

Rhino 1 & 2







Termie lord and other assorted characters



Finally a close up of the Rhino paint job….


Wish me luck.


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