In the beginning….

Before my last buy on ebay (add a vindicator to that also) I had a boxed chaos force that I’d started putting together. Couple of pictures below of where this is heading.

I’ve always been a big fan of tanks ever since I can remember and wanted to get that ‘been in the field for a while’ look. Adding some old accessories to the front not only provides a little more armour but also gives the impression that the Iron Warriors are entrenched in a long drawn out battle.

I have no idea what supplies a marine army would need as the fluff never mentions it, food and water are given as not requied as are sleeping bags etc.

Maybe some basic tools or repair kits?

Who knows, back to the pictures.


Pretty standard rhino. The chain holding the kit on didn’t work out quite how I’d like, but hunting through the kits toy boxes didn’t reveal any chains of any sorts, you know, the little chains they get with chidrens jewellery sets, so had to make do with what was in the box. My spares for 40k are pretty much non-existant at the moment, 17 years of fantasy gaming has given me a wonderful bitz box, but there aren’t many tanks or bolters in fantasy.

Ho hum, onto the squad.

Below is my squad, or at least the combination of two squads. I really dislike horns in these miniatures and would prefer them without but when I first started putting them togethet I thought we might start gaming with them so didn’t spend much time making them how I wanted.

Also a coulple of normal marines who’ve been converted as stand ins.


Havoc squad with some golden oldie space crusade weapons.


Finally my hero. Or at least most of him. Really like the helmet for this guy. Gives the impression of forbidden technology.



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