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Warhammer Cleanup

My wife has been hinting for some time that my ‘hobby’ is starting to take over the house and in some ways I see her point. Out entire second bedroom seems to be a storage area and a cupboard in the main bedroom is also a big warhammer storage area. Now I have taken over the dinning room table for painting and modelling.

So I decided to have a clearout. I went to Homebase and bought a cheap shelve unit for the second bedroom. After making this up (and adding extra shelves) I put all my warhammer armies out, one per shelf. This should stop the table upstairs filling up with units and models after having been used in battle. The partially build models still clutter up the table but I’ve got to get more storage for those.

I’ve started moving over my bits box into seperate containers and organising my older paints.

Obviously this, work and painting models has taken up a lot of my time last week so I didn’t have much time to update the blog this week.

Eagle eyed readers will notice that my win/lose ratio with the new mortals has increased significantly in favour of the loses.

We had two large battles over the weekend, and I’m not happy to say that the high elves spanked us twice in a row. Hopefully Carl now knows the weekness of mortals against fast moving, shooting and general ‘avoidance’ armies. Teclis didn’t help matters.

The battles however have given me a better insight on how to build up my mortals. The Chaos lord of Khorne on a juggernaut is awesome. The knights are also awesome, but instead of taking only a champion I’ll be dropping him and taking a standard bearer instead. The two times my knights engaged (against phoenix guard first and then took a chariot in the front and dragon in the rear in the second game) I lost the combat by one. Notable moment of the second game was when Rich’s dragon flanked charged my knights and my unit champ issued a challenge. What hits did get through were saved and I lost no models from that combat (it was only a tironoc chariot after all).

Maybe I’ll be lucky and one of the players will feel inclined to send me some pictures or write up the battle reports.


Thoughts on the new Warriors of Chaos

Carl, Rich and Gav came round last night to pick up some glue and some spare chaos bits i have for Carls new chaos army and after about 10 minutes it became clear that Carl wanted to test his new army list out against my more fluffy list I posted up on Saturday. So we cleared some space, got some stand in models and went for it.

Carl went for sorceror lord, sorceror and exalted champ with the book. Along with this he took a unit of 15 chosen, 2 units of marauders, 2 units of 5 marauder cav with throwing axes, 5 knights and a warshrine. I took the list I wrote with the removal of most of the nurgle marks and a third of the marauders from each unit to drop me down to below 2000pts.

The game was pretty fun and the gamble of taking no magical defense paid off as his Tzeentch Lord was rolling so high (before +2 and then a D3 each magic phase) that the points cost of any magic defense wouldn’t have been as key as just adding a lot more throw away troops, which I did.

The game was (or should I say would have been) a nice victory to me until I decided (I must add this was on purpose) to just see what both armies could do and started to re-engage him instead of backing off and taking the win. In the end it worked out to be a draw.

But I think lessons were learnt. Warriors of chaos haven’t changed the playstyle of the army as much as other army books, but it has changed my playstyle slightly. With no daemons I’ve now had to move over to pure mortals and the changes associated with it.

My army first, I think the warshrine is nice to have but not essential to the way the army plays. This could be dropped for other things. A mark of slaanesh on both marauder units would be good for more competative play, the festering shroud isn’t really required and the points could be spent elsewhere and this would then make the palanquin not as nessesary (using the 50mm base to drag in more people to take the toughness test). Overall this would save 75pts. Playing against skaven and empire I’d keep the palaquin, but against tougher more elite armies I would just take the chaos steed.

Onto the pro points, bloodcurdling roar is pretty good for 20pts. I managed to get it off against Carls knights but only rolled 3 for the number of hits. The second time I used it I rolled 3 again. If you can get a better roll against knights and roll at least 1 six it would be well worth the points. The Crown of Everlasting Glory will always be my first choice of magic item on my general (it always has been) and I would always take a chariot.

Onto Carls army and I think he took too much magic. The problem with magic is its too unpredictable, sometimes it rapes armies, sometimes it doesn’t. If I were him I would change his general to a chaos lord. I would also take some hounds. Other than that, chosen warriors weren’t better than normal chaos warriors, and the points saved there would buy him a unit of hounds. I would also make his other character a BSB.

We also both thing that the mark of nurgle is looking more useful than the mark of tzeentch.

Overall I think the army is still pretty good, basically an update to what was a fairly good book.

Edit: I also made a school boy error. Should really have bought halberds for the two mounted exalted heros. Same strength, half the points and fight in initiative order. Doh.

GT ‘08: Heat 1 Battle Report 4

Game 4 vs Ogre Kingdoms

I was drunk with excitement about actually getting some points at last and turned up to look at the list, only to find even better news. Ogre kingdoms. I knew from previous experience that ogre kingdoms, in the right hands were dangerous, but against the skaven were target practise. I hoped my dice would still be on fire.

I set up in my usual way, main units in the middle (with plaguemonks and censer bearers to the right), unit of giant rats to the left and jezzails to the extreme right. Against the jezzails he put the trappers, in the middle were three units of yetees and a mixed bag of ogre units. I let him have first turn so he’d be in range of my ratling guns on the first turn. His characters consisted of a BSB, butcher and tyrant. I took a gamble with my scouts and put them on the hill in front of my right flank to stop his bulls marching past me.

My aim for this game was to magic and shoot the crap out of them.

On his first turn he moved everything up. On my first turn I inched forward and blasted away. My warplightnings reduced one of his yetee units to 1 base and the other to 2 bases. My jezzails bought down some ogres and the ratling guns were out of range. I shot at his extreme right unit of ogres with my gutter runners, causing enough wounds to drop one and for them to take a panic test. They failed and went fleeing towards the edge of the board.

Second turn and he charged the single remaining yetee into the front of my plaguemonks and the 2 bases into the flank. He charged the tyrant and a unit of ogres into the screaming bell unit (with spears). He set up everything else for next turn charges. Fortunately for me, all my dispel attempts were successful and I only let him get gut magic off where he wasn’t in combat.

The plaguemonk combat didn’t go very well with me needing 5’s to hit and 5’s to wound and the plague priest inflicted the only wound with his strength 5 hit that got through. I had no ranks (due to flank charge) so relied on war banner, banner and outnumber to keep me in the combat. As it happened I rolled a 3 and survived for another turn. In the combat with the screaming bell he rolled very very badly and killed one skaven and I inflicted one wound back on the ogres. With full ranks, outnumber and banner he needed a bit of luck to hang around. Unfortunately for him luck looked in on me and both units fled, I pursued and caught both relatively easily and took me into another unit of yetees (clipped them rather than hit them straight on).

In my second turn I kept my left flank where it was and bought my giant rats around to protect the second unit of clan rats about to get charged by big ogres with bigger weapons and lots of armour. They were also regenerating so I was thinking of just holding out as long as I could and try to win the right flank and the middle.

In magic my two warlock engineers had free range to anything they wanted. One blew all the trappers into another world with an irresistible force warplightning. The second wrecked havoc in the middle with his spell and the additional warp scroll. In I recall the grey seer fluffed his magic a bit and took a wound for the inconvenience. My ratling guns were now in range and started to roll out the barrels. The ratling gun to the right misfired with a double 1 and stood there scratching his herd, the second managed to pump out enough to drop a remaining ogre.

Knowing that the plaguemonks needed a wee bit of help, the jezzails fired into the combat with the yetees. I figured if I could just kill 1 on the flank it would be an easy victory there. Luck again was in and after randomising one of the yetees on the flank was dead. Thankfully this now left me a fully loaded and operational warp lightning cannon (which I’d been saving for the yetee mission) to blow apart the BSB. Plan went semi-according to plan, but rolling up a strength 4 hit didn’t wound him. As a side note, I had considered throwing the jezzails into combat to pull back the +1 for flanks, but decided against it at the last minute.

It was his turn three and he didn’t have much left on the board. The regenerating hard as nails ogres declared against the clan rats that chose to flee (clever little boys). This now left him and the butcher in a death zone for next turn.

The plaguemonks now had outnumber, 2 ranks, warbanner and banner and after both units had finished tickling each other the plaguemonks easily won, pursued and destroyed the yetee to their front.

The rest of the game was now a mop up. With 3 2D6 warp lightning’s, 1 bound 1D6, 2 ratling guns a warplightning cannon and 6 jezzails it was a matter of dropping everything else.

2500vp to 146 vp. As it was an annihilation game again I had another 30 points for the tally. Qualification was a slight possibility.

In fairness to the guy he had the worst luck ever. In the fifth turn I ratling gunned his BSB who had an item that when he died from shooting he would get back up on any roll but a one. I knew he’d roll a one as soon as he told me about the item.

He ended up rolling a one.
With two loses and two wins I was now on 62 points. The rumour put the qualification band at between 111 and 120. If I could win my next two games it would put me at 122, probably just enough to scrape through.

When the results got put up I saw I’d be facing another skaven army. I just knew this was the SAD skaven army I’d seen further up the tables. Uh oh……..

Fridays game

Another Quick update. We had a fairly enjoyable but slightly frustrating game Friday night. Gav and I took a joint army of Lizards and High Elves against Rich and Carls joint Empire army. Why was the game frustrating, again it falls back to the rules. How badly are some of these rules written?

Anyway they’ll be added to the house rules section to wait for an answer.

Back to the battle we got slightly spanked. We lasted longer than we thought we would, the combination of Teclis and a 2nd Gen slaan mutilating the magic phase (I think we got 4 irresistables on one magic phase) but in the end fell to a combination of overwhelming numbers/war machines/combat characters.

Funniest part of the game: Karl Franz having all his items unmade by Vaul.

GT ‘08: Heat 1 Battle Report 3

Game 3 vs Wood Elves

I was getting to that fairly depressing state that you get to when you’ve lost two games in a row and effectively thrown away your chances to qualify (some of you may never have been in that state, but it sucks). So far I knew I’d played well, but had some bad luck. Hopefully this would change, and change it did. The next game was annialation, you get a certain number of kill points for each unit, core are 1, special 2, rare 3 and characters 1 each (lords are 3). Whoever got the most kill points won the game.

Although the guy with the wood elves wasn’t that experienced, I can’t say it was a walkover, because it wasn’t, I just had dice of fire. He’d lost the game on turn one when one warp lightning had destroyed a unit of 10 archers; the second had dropped another unit of 10 down to 2 and the third wiped out his first unit of dryads. The warplightning cannon blasted his tree man with a strength 10 hit but I rolled a 1 to wound (damn dice of fire sometimes cock up). The ratling guns didn’t fire as they moved up to cover all avenues of movement. In his first turn he failed to get a single tree sing off and he had nothing left to shoot.

In my second turn I took a gamble and moved everything up, past the tree with the treeman now in it. I nearly blasted the second dryad unit into oblivion with warp lightning but he’d had enough of lightning and scrolled it. I was rolling no less than 13 for each time I cast it. The second warp lightning destroyed what remained of the archers, and the one ratling gun destroyed the second dryad unit.
On his turn two he charged the treeman into the flank of the plaguemonks.

The rest of the battle basically consisted of my squeezing out what remained of his army and blasting them with spells and ratling guns until dead and beating him in combat with the plaguemonks every turn until he failed his stubborn test and broke.

The guy had kind of given up by turn three but he battled on anyway. Thumbs up to him for that.

Let the slaughter continue.

GT ‘08: Heat 1 Battle Report 2

Game 2 vs Vampire Counts

Skaven actually do surprisingly well versus undead, a lot of which I suspect has to do with them not having enough to counter the ratling guns. I figured my skaven would have slightly more chance than others due to the bell (1 unit of clanrats immune to Psychology) and then plague monks and censer bearers being frenzied (and therefore ITP as well).

A roll of 13 on the screaming bell can also be particularly effective against them. My plan on this one would be to reduce each unit at a time to stop any kind of raising later in the game, even if my magic defence did falter.

When I got to the table there were five units of ghouls, two units of dire wolves, a large block of zombies and a unit of knights (not the bloody variety) waiting for me.

This game would be objective winning; each player places two objectives of which only one can be in their own deployment zone. Personally I think this was a badly thought out idea, as the placing of objectives was more important that the placing of your army. If it was my tournament I would have got the players to place their objectives and then scatter them 3D6 inches in a random direction. Having all four scatter towards you opponent would be better in my opinion than you both placing them in ridiculous positions.

Anyhow, I got turn 2 again (this time it was of benefit, kinda) and he took his free ghoul movement and moved 5 ghoul units right up. In his first turn he moved them further towards me, close enough for a dance straight into my lines.

In magic there was the usual fist full of dice and +1 to cast which I managed to counter fairly well, allowing a raise only into units I knew would be getting blasted next turn.

My turn one. Unfortunately the plague censer bearers are in range of his lords unit and duly charge in. The giant rats charge into another unit of ghouls alongside the plague monks. This was to be a big mistake that only later on in the game was I to realise.

In magic I blast the two ghoul units in front of my clanrats (with screaming bell) with no less than three warp lightnings (1 was dispelled) and a storm daemon. One unit was effectively destroyed. My reasoning for this was destroying one unit first then allowed him to raise into the other 4, but blasting two units would mean that he’d need to concentrate into raising into both units before one got destroyed. In shooting I blasted both ratling guns into the nearest and most depleted ghoul unit completely destroying it. I then took a pot shot at his lord and BSB behind with the warp lightning cannon but he got both his look out sirs.

The next few turns continued with me basically shooting, warp lightning and killing (with my plague monks), his ghouls until only one unit remained. I did get lucky in the middle with my plague censer bearers holding up the ghoul unit (with his lord in) so my screaming bell unit could flank charge and destroy this unit. To protect his lord he charged in the BSB and necromancer (whose own unit had suffered horrendous casualties, i.e. everyone, from ratling gun fire) into the flank of the screaming bell unit. This was his mistake as when he went to cast he realised he now couldn’t raise the unit as it had been destroyed. His lord managed to escape with the help of the cast iron ring but the BSB and necro bit the dust.

Coming to the end of the battle he still had an objective covered by his knights and one covered by his zombies back in his deployment zone. I had blocked access to one of mine with the screaming bell unit and his lord couldn’t get through. However, he had moved his dire wolves into contact with my second objective in my deployment zone and now my plaguemonks and giant rats, the only things that could hold it were in the middle of the table, getting march blocked, trying to get to the zombies holding his objectives. This was my mistake, I should have moved at least one of these units back to my objective. I maybe should have just let the plaguemonks take out the ghouls at the beginning, I have no idea why I moved the giant rats out, but I did.

As he’d had his turn six, I turned my screaming bell unti around and moved slightly forward to try and get a plague off against the zombies. If I could blast them down to nothing, we’d only have 1 objective each and effectively a draw. My magic fizzled out and nothing got through. The ratling gun managed to kill off the zombie screen he’d raised to protect the dire wolves and then it was time to ring the bell. 13, wow, I need to re-count that. Yes a 13, he needs to take an instability test for everyone. The dire wolves holding an objective pop completely. The knights lose……1, damn, still a unit strength of 6, I lose.

Well thinking back over this game, I actually got enough VPs to scrape a very very minor victory, but as it was, I lost the game due to objectives. I could have won this and I think the reason I didn’t is that I didn’t have enough to take the fight to him and defend my objectives. I also didn’t kill his lord, if I had of, the game would have easily been won. As it was, I ripped the heart out of his ghouls that made it slightly more bearable. A miscast of turn two didn’t help much and really I should have play tested the scenarios before I went. It was only when it was too late that I realised I threw it away.

I was fairly happy that any more undead armies would be kissing my arse.

GT ’08: Heat 1 Battle Report

Game 1 vs Orcs and Goblins

As soon as I turned up at my first game I knew I’d have problems. Orcs and Goblins. These guys give me grief every time I play them. For every devastating and random thing I can throw at them, they can throw it back.

The army was stunning (and went on to win best of tournament), with converted goblin doom divers being thrown by trolls and some brilliant centrepieces to his units. He even had a warmaster wyvern painted up to replace his normal sized wyvern when positioning him near a table edge or on a hill etc. I have to admit that I was slightly embarrassed to get my Skaven out onto the same table. As we were on table 19 we were right next to the people queuing to register so he had quite a lot of interest. I tried my hardest to block line of sight with my body but I’m pretty sure someone saw my army on the same table as his. That’s enough canvassing for sympathy, on with the battle report.

My line was set up in my almost standard way. Giant rat packs out on the far left to divert flankers and cause mischief. My centre line was deployed quite tight and I left the jezzails out on the right to cover the wyverns advance. His set up was directly opposite me with the wyvern set up behind a hill for waaghhh godliness alongside his wolf riders. Set up against my giant rats were the savage orc boar boys and spider riders. The centre of his army consisted of, if I remember rightly, a block of boyz with choppas, black orcs, 2 doom divers and 2 units of 5 squig hoppers.

The scenario announced for this game would be scenario 3, capturing table quarters. You got 1 point for each of your own quarters and 3 for each of your opponents. Thankfully I got second turn, which would hopefully enable me to get a last minute charge into any remaining quarters. As it turned out I never needed it.

He marched towards me at full pelt with everything but the spider riders. The wyvern moved up behind the hill on my right flank. Both units of squigs had forgotten their ready break that morning and with three dice for movement, one unit managed to move (bounce?) 6 inches, the other 5 inches.

Magic started out well with the shamen miscasting his first spell. Rolling an 11 on his chart the shamen would spend the rest of the game stupid and frenzied. Shooting was more effective and effectively won him the game. His first doom diver targeted the 7 jezzails but managed to deviate well out of range onto a clanrat unit but with a bit of help from his redirection special rule he managed to get them back onto something more worthwhile, my plague censer bearers. Five of them died where they stood. Even more luckily the doom diver that had targeted the plaguemonks managed to deviate straight into the jezzails, killing three straight out and causing them to fail a panic test and run off the board.

Oh dear, the only thing keeping his lord, armed to the teef with god knows what and riding a three ton flying hulk of muscle, out of sight had just left the table. There was no combat so my turn.

I moved my warlock engineer out wide to hit either the wyvern of goblin wolfriders with warplightning. The clanrats (now holding the right flank) turned slightly so even with an overrun to the front or side would take the black orc lord flying all over the place except into another unit. Everybody else moved up a bit and I let rip with magic. Or at least I wanted to. The first warp lightning into the wolf boyz got scrolled, the second took out 4 black orcs and then as I threw down 4 dice to cast plague on the black orcs I rolled a double 1, ended the magic phase and took a strength 4 hit. Very nice. Not quite the devastation I’d hoped for.

Shooting would be more effective I thought. Nope. The warplightning cannon possibly managed to remove one of the boar boyz threatening my rear (I say possibly because I had so much to remember at the time). The ratling guns removed several boyz and several black orcs. I rang the bell with three dice, more out of desperation than having a plan and rolled up D3 wounds on anything with T7. This destroyed one doom diver and took the other down to one wound remaining.

Then it was his turn and the Waaaghhh was called. Oh shit.

For anyone who hasn’t played a good O&G player, the problem with a waaaghh is this. He has a black orc lord on a wyvern right up against a hill and therefore guaranteed at least 1″ of movement. This takes him onto the hill and suddenly he has line of sight to the whole battlefield and can charge who the hell he likes. You can see where this goes can’t you? A flank charge later and my little fury clanrats are wetting their little skaven pants.

I’d like to give you more information on what happened next, but I can sum it up in a few sentences. The lord managed to rip apart the skaven who break panicing everything around them. His pursuit easily catches them and unfortunately he just clips a ratling gun (the one which didn’t run away a second a go). The black orcs spank my skaven (with grey seer and screaming bell) and I roll hideously high to break and then even more hideously low to run away. Four inches isn’t that far when being pursued by black orcs. To finish up this battle report, I have to state that the plague monks put up a damn good fight against the boyz, but really I couldn’t win the battle with them and when they were flank charged by the wolf riders it was easily game over. I didn’t even bother with my turn three (I did ask if he wanted to continue out of coutesy but he declined. I figured I shouldn’t deny him his glory but he agreed that mopping up some of my crap units wasn’t that enjoyable). We counted up the victory points and objectives right there as if it had been the end of turn six (again I suspect that doing this meant he had got the 30 points for a win, but hopefully not enough VPs to encounter the hardcore daemon armies that would also be on 30 points. I have to admit I would have done the same).

So there you go, complete destruction.