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GW GT 2008 Heat 1 photos

Today I was sorting through some folders on my laptop and come across some photos from Heat 1. The purple skaven are obviously mine, but I took some photos of other peoples daemons for inspiration in building my army. Unfortunately in my haste to get some lunch and smoke an entire packet of benson and hedges I forgot to write down whose models they were.

If you find a picture here of your models, let me know and I’ll either credit you or remove them.

My grey seer on a screaming bell. The screaming bell is finished, the seer isn’t. Its mounted on a custom size base, using the modular movement trays from Games Workshop that I’ve been harping on about recently.


This next photo is my warp lightning cannon. As you can see I haven’t put the slaves on. I wish I had a whole back story to cover why along with a lavishly detailed bit of fluff, but I don’t. The real reason is I can’t find them.

The base does look a bit naff, but I’ve been putting the static grass on to get them into tournaments. When my other armies are finished I’ll go back to these and re-do the bases, possibly even forking out for resin bases.


The next picture is some of my skaven. In the foreground are my tunneller team (to be replaced by real tunnelling models when I get round to it), my giant rat pack behind them. In the background you can see the back of my plgaue monks, an old Ikit that serves as a warlock engineer and some of my plague censer bearers.


The next picture is of a blue scribes conversion I saw and thought to myself “get a picture of that, you’ll forget about it in 5 minutes time”.


Bloodletters. Thought the banner and the champions head was a good idea.


Not sure what the main model in the centre was used for, maybe a keeper of secrets. I was more interested in the furies behind.


Lastly, what appeared to be a tzeentch herald, but regardless, is my inspiration for a tzeentch herald.



Battle Report: Daemons vs Empire Part 3 (11/09/08)

Welcome to part 3.

Turn 5. I decide not to commit my great unclean one to combat and move him back slightly to get the template spell covering as many models as possbile. This turn I’ll use most of the pool dice with the GUO (with fateweaver being in combat his magic options are limited). So I move the GUO back slighly, ignoring the cries of “pussy” and mumblings about italian tank commanders.

In my magic phase the GUO miserably fails all his magic and I fail to pull enough dispel dice out to save my arse with my secret weapon which was fateweaver casting his area effect spell to get him out of combat. It is easily dispelled. In combat the nuglings lose another base. Thankfully I’d generated one more in my magic phase so have a few left. The plaguebearers against the flagellents manage to kill three more and win combat again.

In the centre the plaguebearers win combat by a huge amount but now outnumber the greatswords so it doesn’t matter. They got away with the snake eyes last time, but now they run like girls. I roll high and trample them as they run, overrunning into the spearmen behind.

Against the steam tank my herald managed to wound the tank once and bring it down to 3 wounds.

Then we go to the fateweaver fight. Remember that I’m flanked, reared and outnumbered, and I only have 1 attack. I save both wounds caused against me and strike out against the huntsmen luckily killing one. I still lose combat but manage to roll 11, yes 11. Its ok I think to myself, the BSB is right next to me. NO ITS NOT YOU PURSUED THE GREATSWORDS YOU IDIOT. Why oh why didn’t I do the fateweaver combat first.  625 points of pure magical offense is suddenly reduced to a puff of smoke and an arid smell in the air.

Having not committed my GUO all game, it looks like he’ll get a bit of combat when richard and carl declare a charge into him. First they have to pass a terror test, which they fail and the spearmen go running to the nearets edge of the board.

The griffon charges the rear of the plaguebearer unit locked in combat with the steam tank.

It starts to get a bit hazy right around here as stuart took over the note taking and it doesn’t quite tie up with how i remember it.

I managed to stop cleansing flare, but that meant him getting two soulfires off meaning a lot of smoking dead nurglings.

In combat the plaguebearers on my left finish off the flagellents, the plaguebearers in the middle destroy the spearmen in combat but fail to catch them on the pursuit. On the right the herald wounds the steam tank but take 5 wounds from the griffon, rider and grinding attacks of the steamtank. I lose combat but roll low enough not to care too much.

Turn 6. The GUO knows he’s safer in combat with the arch lector than facing 2 cannons, 15 handgunners and a mage, so in he charges.

I try getting miasma of pestillence off but they had saved dice just for this and got rid of it easily. In combat the griffon kills 1 plaguebearer but thats not enough to stop the attacks back and several poisoned attacks later the griffon is dead. The herald wounds the steam tank again taking it down to 2 wounds. Thankfully the steam tank can’t fight this turn and I win combat. The now mountless rider runs but I can’t chase as the steam tank is still tying me down.

Neither the GUO or arch lector amongst lots of stat swapping manage to wound each other.

Their turn. The spearmen that attempted to charge the GUO last turn fail to rally and run to within an inch of the board edge. On the right they attempt to get as much into combat with the heralds unit but the halberdiers fail their fear test and the free company charge in without them.

I save the GUO from having to suffer 1 soulfire, but the other gets through. He doesn’t care though and goes on to shrug off the cleansing flare wounds. On their shooting they bring the plaguebearers that were locked in combat with the flagellents for most of the game down to one man with the cannons.

The GUO takes a wound in combat but due to outnumber its another tie. On the right my plaguebearers break the free company but again are still locked in combat with the steam tank.

Game over.

We counted up the victory points and it came to a draw. They needed about 56 points to make it a minor victory.

A few days later we realised my list was also 12 points over (which we doubled into 24 VP) and that they had another 100 VP for the 2 horrors I’d generated, which gave them the minor victory, however several days later they informed my I’d get the VP for the griffon which they didn’t add in so it went back to being a draw.

So what did I learn? The fateweaver/bluescribes combo is pretty nice. Plaguebearers are once again king in combat. There are few units that can stand toe to toe with a kitted up unit and win.

I’ve decided to use the stubborn banner more often, I could have really used it in this game especially with the beasts of nurgle popping. I’m pretty confident that with stubborn the beasts over time would have held and worn down both units leaving my middle plaguebearer unit to deviate right to help on that flank.

Contrary to others views, I’m quite happy that the GUO didn’t get into combat. He was much more useful as a support unit (nurgling infestations, soaking up dispel dice and cannonballs) than committing him into a combat he couldn’t win. A very close fought game and enjoyable.

Here are a few more pictures:

Battle Report: Daemons vs Empire Part 2 (11/09/08)

Hope you had fun reading part one, here comes part two:

Turn 3. I figured that although a lot of my units weren’t ready, I needed to get into combat and start punishing them. I charged the beasts of nurgle into a unit of spearmen and a unit of greatswords in the middle. The plaguebearers on the left without a herald charged the flagellents and the hounds charged the spearmen on my extreme left flank. I also charged the huntsmen in the middle with the middle unit of plaguebearers. They ran and got away but I forgot to redirect a charge into either the greatswords now in combat with the beasts or try for the other free unit of greatswords, opps. Knowing that the plaguebearers on the extreme right would need to take on 3 units, a griffin and possibly a steam tank in the next few turns I moved fateweaver onto the hill amongst the mortars to try and get a few terror tests next turn.

To protect the plaguebearers flank I moved the flamers into a scrifical position just behind them to block off the steam tank.

Onto magic I rolled up celestial shield for the blue scribes which was next to useless. I managed to cast commandment of brass on a mortar (at least I think I did, but between my turn 3 and theirs we all went to bed, then to work and came back where we left off). I did get some other magic off but it wasn’t influential on the game.

On shooting, the flamers in the middle hit off a few shots at the greatswords and the flamers on the right dropped a few free company, trying to reduce their ranks down.

In comabt the hounds inflicted enough wounds to lose comabt by very few and with the assistance of the GUO nearby pass easily. The archlector inflicts more wounds on the nurglings but with no impact hits the nuglings make it through using the GUO’s leadership. The plaguebearers kill 5 flaggellents and easily win combat. The beasts of nurgle roll in 13 attacks onto the spearmen but this only translates into 2 wounds and they lose big. Even with the battle standard re-roll (they roll the same leadership roll again) two beasts of nurgle dissapear into the warp. Wasn’t expecting that.

The picture below is at the end of my turn 3. You can see on the left that the plaguebearers have got a lot to defend against. Thankfully both uncommitted plaguebearer units wont be charged in the flank.

Terror test time. Both mortars passed with ease but the greatswords and halberdiers in front weren’t so lucky as my battle standard bearer was within 12″ and they were both at -2. The greatswords went flying past the plaguebearers in the middle and halberdiers ran past the lefthand plaguebearers screaming and shouting like girls. Unfortunately for them it tookthem straight into the path of the plaguebearers. 

The steam tank charged the flamers who stood and shot with no damage to the steam tank. The griffin charges the rear of the plaguebearers on my right flank and the mounted warrior priest charged out of the now blocked free company unit into the flank.

Over the course of the game there were so many bounds getting cast about that I’ve forgotten what and where they were cast, but rest assured that none of the important ones got through. On this turn I think I had to suck up a few soulfires.

With magic done it was onto shooting and I wasn’t looking forward to this. Both mortars missed their targets by some way, but the cannons turned and aimed at fateweaver. One ward save and two destroyed mortars later (I honestly didn’t think they’d risk their mortars with the bounce) fateweaver was smiling. The second cannon shot only just rolled into fateweaver, and I mean rolled because he easily passed another ward save.

The steam tank in combat with the flamers used its steam gun against them and the plaguebearer unit but I made all required ward/regen saves.

There was little other effective shooting from them so we moved onto combat.

The priest of sigmar challenged the herald who accepted and cut him down where he stood. The griffin and rider killed 1 or 2 plaguebearers but they caused a wound on the griffin who promtly fled 17″ away.

In the centre the beast of nurgle gets first attcks and wounds the warrior priest who then causes a wound back. With a massive combat res against him the remaining beast dissapears.

The plaguebearers on the left kill 2 more flagellents and lose 2 of their number. The combat continues until next turn. Against the arch lector the nurglings manage to survive thanks to the GUO’s leadership but are slowly being depleted. The hounds don’t manage to inflict enough wounds to win and again just survived on the GUO’s leadership. The remaining flamer dies to the steam tank.

Turn 4 and I charge the plaguebearers on the right into the fleeing halberdiers sending them scuttling further away. I hesitate with fateweaver and move him slightly closer to the steamtank. The great unclean one gets carl and richards pussy of the game award by shuffling around a bit. I cast the bolt onto the steam tank and get 6 strength 10 hits. The steam tank is dow to 4 wounds. I doom and darkness the greatswords currently fleeing so next turn they are on -3 to rally. The great unclean one casts rancid visitations on the handgunners but miscasts and rolls a 12. As his mouth dribbles out the spell with irresistable force his brains dribble out his ears and he forgets the spell. He casts slime pit on the handgunners (with battle wizard in) and they cannot shoot or move next turn.

Forget to fire the flamers against the griffin. Not much happens in combat. Their turn.

I realise I’ve made an error as both the huntsmen and mortar crews charge fateweaver. The steam tank generates a steam point and charges in the flank of the plaguebearers.

Again I manage to dispel things that I don’t want but a soulfire gets through against the nurglings and 2 flamers die to forked lightning.

Both cannons now turn their attention to the GUO. Both shots are spot on but he manages to ward save both. The flagellents kill 2 plaguebearers and get 3 of their own killed back. The plaguebearers that charged the greatswords in the middle (which I forgot to mention earlier) kill 3 greatswords and save the wounds back. The greatswords roll double 1 and stay for another round.

Fateweaver manages to survive all attacks and fails to wound back. He loses by 4 (rear, flank and outnumber) but stays by rolling double 2 (actually they disputed that I’d dropped it so I re-rolled it and got double 2 again!!).

So where are we? Its the start of turn 5. My GUO is in the open with the nuglings stuggling to hold the arch lector, the plaguebearers on the right are going to struggle soon. My main magic user is now locked in a combat I can’t help him with and they still have a lot on the table (5 rank and file units?). In my favour the centre has been cleared and the steam tank is next to useless.

Join me in part 3 to see the conclusion of the battle.

Battle Report: Daemons vs Empire (11/08/08)

In my opinion, empire are one of the best match ups for daemons. Their huge blocks of infantry, supported by a warrior priest or 4 (hatred, unbreakable etc), war alter, steam tanks, cannons, mortors, mass shooting, good magic, heavy cavalry, detatchments, the list goes on.

So after me and stuart received a bit of a mauling at the hands of this empire army with our lizardmen (I somehow managed to write a list with no magic), we opted for the rematch but this time with daemons. Stuart couldn’t make this one, so I’d have to wing it myself.

My dear wife was abroad for a few days so we had the living room floor available and if it went on too long, we could leave everything on the floor and start where we left off the next evening (bonus for me as I could read their army lists and measure out all the distances……….as if I would).

So onto the army lists. I knew they’d take a similar army to the last one and that it would be pretty tough.

Before I run through my list its probably worth ‘fessing up that as I write this I noticed that my list was very slightly illegal as I didn’t count up my core correctly. I needed 5 core for 4000pts and I had 3 blocks of plaguebearers, 1 block of horrors and some furies (which don’t count towards core). Actually the list was fine, I had the horrors down as 2 units of 10, but when I put them on the table I put them down as one block of 20. Overall I don’t think this affected the battle too much. My opponents may have a different opinion 🙂

So back to the list. As above I took 3 solid blocks of plaguebearers two were 20 strong, one was 16 strong, 20 horrors, 7 furies, 5 flesh hounds, 2 x 5 flamers, 3 beasts of nurgle, 5 bases of nurglings, kairos fateweaver, blue scribes, GUO with trappings and nurgling infestation, 2 nurgle heralds one with a palanquin, noxious vapours and slimetrail and the other with noxious vapours, slime trail, BSB and banner of dispair (-2 ldrship within 12″).

From memory the empire had 3-4 warrior priests, archlector with war altar and VHS and other goodies, steam tank, 2 cannons, 2 mortars, Ludwig Scharzhelm, at least 6-7 blocks of infantry (2 greatsword units, some spear and free company), 1 battle mage, 10 huntsmen, 20 flagellents, 15 handgunners and a captain mounted of griffin (with alfreds casket I think) and an engineer with pigeon bombs.

We took a pictures after deployment and although blurry will give you an idea of the terrain and layouts of the armies.

At the top is the empire and from left to right goes 15 handgunners on a hill with 2 mortars and battlemage, unit of spearmen with warrior priest mounted, flagellents, war altar, spearmen, greatswords, huntsmen, greatswords, halberdiers (with the hill behind having 2 mortars on), free comapny steam tank and finally the griffon.

My left to right at the bottom was bluescribes behind impassible terrain, hounds, GUO surrounded by nurglings, plaguebearers (without herald), beasts of nurgle, flamers plaguebearers (with BSB), horrors, plaguebearers (with herald), flamers, fateweaver and finally the furies.

I took first turn and marched everything up. The furies moved right up to the board edge to try and draw out the griffon. Either he’d refuse and fly past and I’d get to the mortars or he’d charge which would stop any kind of march blocking for a turn or two, either result would be a bonus.

We counted up the power and dispell and then I attempted to let rip. First up was Tzeentch’s firestorm into the greatswords. The empire magic defense failed miserably by rolling a total of 7 on 5 dice. I managed to kill 3, creating a horror behind them. The scribes rolled up steed of shadows which in his hidden position meant it was useless. The great unclean one manipulated the winds of magic and cast rnacid visitations on the flagellents dropping 2 and then 5 more when they failed their toughness test.

No shooting and no combat. Their turn 1.

The only charge this turn was the griffon into the furies. The lines shuffled forward a bit and then stopped. The steam tank generated 4 steam points and rumbled forward. In the magic phase they rolled up second sign which I felt could go through. With these guys I usually let them get a bit of magic off, not only to provide power dice via the blue scribes, but to see how many bounds and special ‘tricksy’ stuff they have. I’m fairly certain only the unbreakable spells got off and I made a note to add 3 more power dice into the pool next turn. Shooting and both cannons were rotated and pointed straight towards fateweaver. Two 24″ guesses were well out and the cannonballs cut a trench through the grass in front of the flamers. The mortars were slightly more accurate, deviating away from fateweaver slightly into the horrors next door. Parts of horrors scattered over the battlefield as 2 mortars dropped dead centre of the unit exploding shrapnel into their tightly packed unit.

Edit: 14 dead horrors may sound a lot from a mortar but the multiple wounds were carried over onto the unit from the guy that got hit dead on. We played this wrong from what I can see, but it wasn’t changing much so I left it.

The handgunners opened fire on the fleshhounds and killed one where it stood.


As expected the furies were cut down to a man and promtly got sucked back into a warp like portal. The griffon overran off the board, safe for a turn,

Turn 2 and I have to admit my notes were a little sparse at this point, quoting directly from my notebook I wrote “Turn 2” so excuse me if this turn seems a little hurried.

The daemons as one continued the march forwards to the enemy, the path of the battle laid out before them by their lord. I again opened up with my magic casting Tzeentchs firestorm and creating another horror behind them. I also used nurgling infestation to boost up the nurglings again. Shooting wasn’t too effective if I remember correctly.

As there was no combat it was back to their turn. The flagellents attempted to charge the nurglings to draw them out for a second charge of the war altar onto the GUO. It became obvious now that the arch lector carried the usual combo. As it happens the flagellents were an inch out so the war altar ended up declaring against the nuglings instead. A bit more shuffling amongst the ranks, the griffon came back onto the table, flapped its wings and landed behind my lines and the steam tank rolled forward.

All the crews turned their attention to fateweaver but only 1 cannonball and a mortar were on target. Fateweaver, seeing the future ducked and weaved dodging both. The remaining horrors weren’t too lucky manipulating time and space and walked straight into the second mortar shell. In combat the arch lector killed a base or two of nurglings but thanks to the great unclean ones leadership they rolled good.

Stay tuned for part 2.

A quick monday night painting update

Starting to spend more time sitting and painting than sitting and thinking about painting.

Getting going on the daemons at last. 5 Furies are almost done. I saw an awesome army (have to remember where) that was painted as if in flames with blue contrasts. Really liked it so I’ve tried to incorporate it into my army. I figured the bloodletters would look good ‘molten’, the flamers etc are essentially flames and the horrors are magical flames. So I figured for a flame look.

I think the paintjob is a lot better than I thought it might turn out, but its not quite the look I’m after. They seem a bit ‘orange’.

Going to stick with it though and give them a baal red wash and more yellow highlights hoping the flaming daemon look comes through. I’ll put some pictures up tomorrow.

The nurgle side in contrast will be mostly brown and green (I really want a nurglish looking army) and although I’ll be able to mix and match due to the same bases it will look like two armies. At the moment I have all the models, finished, getting repaired, repainted and undercoated all over my desk so it looks a bit crap. Hoping it pulls together.

Also started repairs on the broken daemons. The herald I dropped has had the banner replaced with a zombie head to look like a wand (the banner snapped just above the pin I had going into the hand). The daemon prince’s sword is having the runes on its sword ‘fired up’, using the same technique as the furies. I’m hoping he’ll be quite proud of this new weapon and will completely forget that I accidently pulled his arm off!

On the lizardmen front I’ve started basing them on their new resin bases. We had a largish battle last week and I realised I am so behind on my lizardmen. Again tomorrow I’ll put up a picture and you’ll see what I mean. It looks a bit haphazard.

Warhammer GT Army

Got my tickets for Heat 1 of the Grand Tournament this year and will be taking daemons. This means a lot of painting and work, but I’ve taken skaven to the last 3 tournaments and its time for the daemons to make their presence felt.

I’ve got a choice of about three armies, either a full nurgle army, nurgle army with flamers and flesh hounds for more ‘punch’ and flexability or the one below, a mix of Tzeentch, Khorne and Nurgle.

Herald of Nurgle, Slime trail, Noxious vapours, Palanquin, BSB, Banner of Sundering 275pts

In all the time I’ve been playing Daemons, a BSB is essential for those critical re-rolls on a really bad combat. Usually I’d run the herlad of Nurgle as my general, but with the points drain of the banner and other VPs I think I need the staying power of this guy in the middle,

Herald of Khorne, Armour of Khorne, Firestorm blade, Juggernaut  190pts

This guy will be the army general. Not sure if this is the final spec for him, I prefer the obsidian armour due to hardened characters running around issueing challenges.

Blue Scribes 81pts

I’ve been using these guys in the last few battles and they make a big difference when facing a magic heavy army. I’ll probably keep them in the final list. The other crucial part of running these guys in the list is their bound spell. Its great when you roll in a great spell that the opponent can’t plan for.

Herald of Tzeentch, Flames of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery 165pts

A bit more magic firepower plus the flames should add a bit of offense to my army in that phase. I’ll put him in one of the units of horrors to keep him safe.

14 Plaguebearers, Full command, Icon 218pts

A bit of points denial, with the herald in this unit they should make a solid centre. I just can’t play a daemon army without plaguebearers, I feel naked without them.

5 Furies 60pts

For so little points you just can’t not include them. War machine hunters, mage hunters, throwaway troops.

10 Horrors, Icon of Sorcery 145pts

10 Horrors 120pts

Still debating in my head whether I should make this one big unit or not. I’ve yet to playtest horrors properly so this is still in flux.

13 Bloodletters, Full Command 186pts

5 Fleshounds 175pts

One of the best units in the army. Hard hitting on the charge, especially if you can get them in the flank. These guys have held up a chariot charge, wiped out units of slayers and generally caused a big headache for people. Still debating whether Karanak should be included for his hitting power but not sure what to drop.

5 Flamers 175pts

These are a no-brainer really

2 beasts of nurgle 200 pts

I love these guys. So much staying power against everything and great infantry killers. Get these boys into zombies and empire state troops (of which I expect they’ll be a fair few of) and they will take a turn or two to break them or make them completely useless.

I’ve playtested this army once at 2500pts with the addition of a great unclean one and it worked out ok. I really want some slaanesh elements, especially the fast cav element and siren song, but you can’t have everything. I’m still to familiarise myself with the three new scenarios but this army should quite easily be able to cope with the annialation scenario.

Lord of Change

I recently found myself the proud owner of a second hand lord of change that although is now mine, has been pretty much mine since Carl used my house as storage area for his vast Warhammer collection.

Despite not using him much in my army and trying to paint up my tournament army for the upcoming GW grand tournament, I though I’d give him a go.

When I started building him up for Carl years ago I wanted a more dynamic pose than the one you usually see him in. With a bit of drilling, pinning and greenstuff I managed to get a ‘just landing’ pose, unpainted picture below.

I don’t think you can see it very well, but it looks like he’s just touched down from flying. At the same time his hand is extended forward is a ‘I’m about to blast you’ pose.

I sat there long and hard before undercoating him, thinking should I green stuff some fire coming from this hand.

A sudden urge to paint him stopped me and he went off for his white undercoat. A white undercoat is pretty rare for me, I usually undercoat everything in black, but I’ve recently discovered the merits of painting Liche Purple over white rather than black. I also spent some money on the new washes and wanted to try these out. A white undercoat would bring these washes out nicely.

Here are some latest pictures.