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Lizardmen of the Dragon Isles

As mentioned in previous posts the dipping of the lizardmen isn’t going full steam ahead, but it is moving fairly quickly. After bringing the skaven out of retirment to go to the GT they have now been packed away ready for temporary retirment until the new book comes out. This leaves me to concentrate on my Daemons and Lizardmen.

I’ve always wanted to move away from the Lustrian homeland and have played with the following ideas recently.

1. Southlands army. Although I never wanted an actual southlands army, with cohorts of skinks etc, I did consider that even though there aren’t as many saurus in the southlands, there are still a fair number of them so potentially my army could be one of the ‘elite’ armies still in the southlands. I also considered how the lizardmen would move around the world, especially over to Albion, where they now have a new temple city being built.

I vaguely remember in Man o War they rode on giant sea creatures, but I can’t imagine a whole fleet of them. How would they transport all those stegadons and carnasaurs? Could they possibly have some sort of teleportation device underneath their temples. Move seemlessly between temple cities maybe?

Copyright Games Workshop. Used withour permission.

2. Lizardmen of the Dragon Isles. The dragon Isles is mentioned in the lizardmen book, the last paragraph on page 72. It says:

“Similarly, the Lizardmen colonies on the Dragon Isles to the east of the Southlands were cut off from their masters many centuries ago, but the degradation of their culture was much more rapid and pronounced.”

“Whether the Slann of Lustria have attempted to establish communications with the lost kin or have simply abandoned them to their fate is unclear, but certainly there has been little or no contact between Lustria and the Dragon Isles for hundreds of years.”

 Two ideas jumped out at me. Either build a lizardmen force attempting to re-occupy parts of the Dragon Isles and/or re-claim lost artifacts OR build a native Lizardmen force, very barbaric and savage. The first could just be a back story to the army but the second would be a big undertaking, one that I’m too far ahead of to undertake. With large parts of my army either built/painted/finished, I’m not sure I could do enough to make this look like a feral cohesive force.

I did look through Google to try and find some information but there isn’t much. Lord Tlaloc of The Pyramid Vault has been down this route before, with a primary force of Skinks who overthrow their masters and become cannibals. He also has some pictures of models he converted which can be found here and one I’ve linkied to below.

Its a great idea, but I think this involves a lot of work, and my army being dipped and based quickly is moving fast away from a beautifully painted and converted army.

3. The final idea is a strike force, led by Oldblood on a carnie that strikes quick to recover lost artifacts. This would involving the army up into a faster army than I currently employ.

4. As the army is painted a terracotta (ish) colour, i could maybe write some fluff about them coming from Kuresh, Ind or somewhere far east.

I really like the idea of the dragon isles, but I think I’ve missed the boat as this army would have a more feral look, so it looks like I’ll have to have them as some kind of reconnaissance force. It may just be they are a stock painted army with a bit of background filler on this blog.

I’ve got some latest progress pictures to put up soon.


Daemonic Allegiances and Fluff

Although not actively promoted by games workshop in recent years, there is a large amount of animosity amongst the different chaos gods.

Everyone knows there are 4 main chaos ‘marks’: Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch and Slaanesh. Even in the current Hordes of Chaos book and to the same extent, in the beast book, there are restrictions on which marks you can take with each other. For example, you cannot take a god specific general and then have other marks within your army. However you could take an undivided general and mix marks freely dependant on other restrictions.

With the new daemon books coming out, this has appeared to have dumbed down even more, with the ability of mixing units of different chaos denominations, and to some extent, requires you to take different god options to compete against some lists.

Judging by the forums, this has caused quite a few burst blood vessels.

Hopefully we can go back in time and see how this all started, and then jump back into the present and see what this all really means within the new world of warhammer context.

Back in the day, and please correct any of my mistakes, two books were written called Realm of Chaos: Slaves to darkness and Realm of Chaos: Lost and the Damned. Whilst you don’t need to know too much about these books except they cost a lot of money on Ebay in mint condition and they are very out of date rules wise, they do provide a LOT of fluff, pictures, ideas and information relevant to people obsessed with chaos.

The two books were divided roughly by gods, with slaves to darkness containing information on Slaanesh aqnd Khorne, lost and the damned containing information on Nurgle and Tzeentch.

Although each god, mark, faction of chaos hates all other factions of chaos, there are specific arch enemies. Tzeentch hates Nurgle and visa versa. Slaanesh hates Knorne and visa versa.

Looking at each god and what they stand for goes some way to explaining that.

Nurgle is the god of plague, disease and decay and…..hope. We’ll get to that last one later, but for the moment, we’ll stick with the first three. This is in obvious conflict with Tzeentch, the god of change. In simple terms, Tzeentch evolves and changes, nurgle decays and ages.

The same eternal conflict exists with Slaanesh and Khorne.  Khorne exists to kill, excel in combat and finish lives. Slaanesh believes in a lifelong pleasure and fulfilment.

A smaller obvious rivalry is slaanesh and nurgle, due to the whole beauty/ugly angle, and khorne/tzeentch due to the whole magic/anti magic angle/.

Looking at it this way, the most obvious allies are Nurgle and Khorne or Slaanesh and Tzeentch.

I think thats about as much detail we need to go into here, as plenty of info can be found on the web.

Which brings me to my point, how do you feel about mixing and matching? I personally would endevour to take only Khorne and Nurgle, but the idea of a slaanesh mortal army is starting to entice me.

With the new Hordes of Chaos list being put out in the next few months in white dwarf, I think I’ll need to consider my daemon and mortal armies very carefully.

Fluff: Dracus the Ill-Hearted

This was some background I wrote for a Atournament during the storm of chaos for my Nurgle Daemon army. I found an old printout the other day and thought I’d commit it to this blog.

Within the Realm of Chaos lies a tower. Within this tower, the council of seven reside.

Here they plot to bring the mortal world into ruin for their master, so they may enjoy an eternity of decay and pestilence. For thousands of years have they plotted and waged war, yet the world is still not theirs.

With the crowning of the ever chosen, a new opportunity has arisen for the council to march forth in the name of decay. Far and wide will they travel, besting armies of all races, with the sole purpose of fulfilling their greedy plans and pleasing their master.

Dracus the ill-hearted is one such member of the council. Although the council appear to work as one, a daemons way is to plot and scheme and have ultimate power over others.

Although a powerful daemon, dracus is still regarded as inferior compared to his fellow council members. With his strength now growing stronger by the day, he marches into the world of men, his aim is clear, destroy all who oppose him in the name of Nurgle.

Dracus the ill-hearted sat montionless in the his throne, the rhythmic tapping of his index finger the only sign of his consiousness.

He grew weary of this talk about the upstar Archaon and grew impatient at the name of Bel’akor. The one they called Valten however, was a mystery to him.

He spoke up, his voice echoing across the great hall, bringing the squabbling to an immediate halt.

“My fellow princes, our master is Nurglitch most powerful of the gods. With his smallest finger do empires crumble and decay. He is the natural order of the world, yet we stand here and bicker over whose banner we fight under.”

He stood, hoping the others would listen to his wise council.

“We fight not for the human Feytor, for he is the puppet of the upstart and blessed only by Nurgle to protect against the mocking of his brothers. We fight not for Bel’akors, for he has wronged us many times. No, we fight for ourselves, for the council, FOR OUR MASTER.”

He looked around and was pleased to see heads nodding in agreement.

“So it is decided then, we march to war.”

The Underempire: Best Skaven Forum…Ever

Being a regular skaven player, the underempire serves a good use, bringing me sneaky tactics and cunning army lists from all over the globe. I’m not as active as I should be (I think I registered once) but so many forums to visit doesn’t leave me with enough time in the real world.

They keep a thread with links to all the fluff stories written over the ages which for anyone trying to think up some skavenish names for their cheiftan or help with some part of a backstory might find useful. It can be found here.

Skaven fluff

I’m trying to bulk out the background story to my skaven at the moment and when it gets close to something readable and possibly enjoyable, I’ll post it up here, however for the time being, here are the bones of it:

The core of the army is from a long ago destroyed clan with an eshin affiliation based somewhere near an old cave system infested with goblins and other nasties. The survivors of the clan sold their services to the highest bidder, mainly getting the worst jobs for the worst pay, but ended up doing the jobs most clans didn’t want to do, like clearing out caverns of trolls and other monstrosities. Over time, their depleted ranks were filled with slaves and rejects from other clans, but slowly the core of the remaining clan being experts at clearing subterranean areas and fighting in enclosed spaces. Slowly their fame increased until smaller clans were paying more for their services.

They started to expand, bringing in new warp fire throwers and poisoned wind globadiers to assist in the new role.

It wasn’t long before they came to the attention of a grey seer and ever since have performed a number of services for him.

The colour of their uniform is from an old empire cloth store they raided, a story that I need to flesh out a bit.

In case the above doesn’t read through very well, the basic idea of my skaven army is that they are not clan affiliated and work as a small shock army specialising in underground fighting, street fighting and devious siege tactics.