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Warhammer Cleanup

My wife has been hinting for some time that my ‘hobby’ is starting to take over the house and in some ways I see her point. Out entire second bedroom seems to be a storage area and a cupboard in the main bedroom is also a big warhammer storage area. Now I have taken over the dinning room table for painting and modelling.

So I decided to have a clearout. I went to Homebase and bought a cheap shelve unit for the second bedroom. After making this up (and adding extra shelves) I put all my warhammer armies out, one per shelf. This should stop the table upstairs filling up with units and models after having been used in battle. The partially build models still clutter up the table but I’ve got to get more storage for those.

I’ve started moving over my bits box into seperate containers and organising my older paints.

Obviously this, work and painting models has taken up a lot of my time last week so I didn’t have much time to update the blog this week.

Eagle eyed readers will notice that my win/lose ratio with the new mortals has increased significantly in favour of the loses.

We had two large battles over the weekend, and I’m not happy to say that the high elves spanked us twice in a row. Hopefully Carl now knows the weekness of mortals against fast moving, shooting and general ‘avoidance’ armies. Teclis didn’t help matters.

The battles however have given me a better insight on how to build up my mortals. The Chaos lord of Khorne on a juggernaut is awesome. The knights are also awesome, but instead of taking only a champion I’ll be dropping him and taking a standard bearer instead. The two times my knights engaged (against phoenix guard first and then took a chariot in the front and dragon in the rear in the second game) I lost the combat by one. Notable moment of the second game was when Rich’s dragon flanked charged my knights and my unit champ issued a challenge. What hits did get through were saved and I lost no models from that combat (it was only a tironoc chariot after all).

Maybe I’ll be lucky and one of the players will feel inclined to send me some pictures or write up the battle reports.


Fridays game

Another Quick update. We had a fairly enjoyable but slightly frustrating game Friday night. Gav and I took a joint army of Lizards and High Elves against Rich and Carls joint Empire army. Why was the game frustrating, again it falls back to the rules. How badly are some of these rules written?

Anyway they’ll be added to the house rules section to wait for an answer.

Back to the battle we got slightly spanked. We lasted longer than we thought we would, the combination of Teclis and a 2nd Gen slaan mutilating the magic phase (I think we got 4 irresistables on one magic phase) but in the end fell to a combination of overwhelming numbers/war machines/combat characters.

Funniest part of the game: Karl Franz having all his items unmade by Vaul.

First experience with Daemons

We decided to have another 12,00pt game the other night, it would be rude not to have one on a bank holiday weekend.

My friend Stu and I decided to go Daemon/Daemon with my predominent nurgle army and his more mixed army.

From memory I had 3 units of 20 plaguebearers with full command and the icon of virulence (poisened attacks count towards comabt res), a unit of 10 with full command, great unclean one with trappings and some other gifts, Epidemius, 2 heralds with slime trail (1 herald was a lvl 1 caster), 2 units of 5 nurglings and 3 beasts of nurgle. Stu took a good mixture of slaanesh/khorne/tzeentch with blue scribes, keeper of secrets and skulltaker.

We faced 6000 pts of Empire and High Elves. Below is what I learnt:

  • Slaanesh units just couldn’t cut it. We’d take them again, but point for point they just didn’t hit as hard as nurgle or khorne units and failed to hold up against overwhelming numbers. The keeper of secrets was pretty good, but we kind of left him unsuported and he rolled a double 6 and disappeared after combat with swordmasters.
  • Plaguebearer units are just as solid, if not better than before. The miasma spell was crucial, especially against a High Elf lord on a dragon.
  • Beasts of Nurgle don’t last as long in combat against elite tropps, but last a lot longer against shooting and magic. Against standard rank and file they continue to chomp through.
  • Epidemius in large games is crucial. Once my throwaway nurglings had racked up enough kills I had poison on a 4+, which alongside the icon that gives you +1 combat res for each poisoned unsaved wound was immense. Latter on I was casting at +5 which was crucial when the High Elves got drain magic off. Note that I don’t normally take special characters, but my mate had spent all night glueing and pinning him together, so I felt compelled to take him.
  • Nurgle magic LOOKS better, but apart from spell 1 and spell 6, isn’t much better than before. Its hard enough throwing power dice at these spells, but when they pass the strength/toughness test you kinda wish you hadn’t bothered.
  • Nurglings aren’t what they used to be, but with a cheaper cost can be used to take out war machines and go mage hunting.
  • The staff of nurgle was underused, especially in a mixed army and you are using the plaguebearers as a holding unit. You should be in combat as much as possible, the staff is kinda wasted. Maybe in the next few battles I’ll try and get more use out of it.
  • Great unclean one with the ability to make people strike first and the gift that wounds someone who wounds the GUO is wasted. He’s usually mashed anyone that is capable of actually wounding him. I’d probably drop the wounding ability for something a bit more useful.

All in all the game was a draw, about 3500 victory points to 3400. We didn’t really get a chance to test out the bloodcrushers or bloodletters but the three main plaguebearer units I took won the game. Supported by Epidermius, great unclean one and heralds they beat pretty much anything they encountered, took more magic and shooting than other units could survive against and dealt out some nifty magic.

But unit of the game was the two units of flesh hounds. These things ripped all and sundry apart. Overall, I’m glad I’ve got a Nurgle daemonic legion. Disease is the new frenzy.


Weekend battle – Nurgle vs HE and Lizards

Just been flicking through my phone and found some very bad quality photos of our battle last friday. Thought I’d share them with you here.

It was 6000 of nurgle, half daemons (using the storm of chaos list) and half mortals (with a few trolls and shaggoths thrown in for good measure).

I was fighting against a 3000 pt slann led lizardmen army and a 3000 pt high elf army.

It was a hard slog and the only thing that stopped me overunning them was a double 1 insane bravery test that bogged down my entire army and stopped me getting into the flank of the slann unit.

This first photo shows the point just after the now infamous double 1 roll. My plagueriders in the top left corner are engaged with 1 kroxigor that is insanely brave allowing the phoenix guard to charge my front and the swordmasters to charge the flank. Both HE units had their respective special characters. As you can see this has blocked my plaguebearer unit from engaging the slann unit. After 2 turns of combat the plagueriders where beaten and the plaguebearers charged the swordmasters. This battle would go on for another 3 turns until the herald in the unit (who had the unholy icon allowing re-rolls of instability) was challenged and killed the high elf special character, taking 5 wounds from the exploding gem that activates when you kill him.

You can also see my two daemonic chariots that double charged the white lions and eventually killed all but the hero in that unit. These are the two chariots I now have to rethink, thanks to no nurgle chariots in the demon list.

This next picture shows the right hand side of that little ‘bottleneck’. The guy on horse is the mortals BSB. He is the only surviving man in a unit of 7 chosen nurgle knights. They seemed to receive quite a lot of attention in the shape of long bits of wood with metal tips in the first and second turn.

The nurglings on the right destroy the skinks, destroy that damned skink priest and then try and whittle down the saurus unit.

The next photo show the all important right flank. The big undercoated unit at the top is their saurus unit which had two mortal chariots bounce off it (yup that stagadon is actually a chaos chariot). Left of that combat is my daemon prince who overran into some kroxigors and just below him, if you can make him out is a chaos lord on daemonic steed who overrun into those thrice cursed salamanders.

This little battle occurred when I charged my chariots into a large unit of skinks on my first turn (he moved them just into range) who promptly fled. I then confused the hell out of them when I cast the 6th slanesh spell on them making them unbreakable (and auto rallied). They couldn’t work out why I would rally one of their units, missing completely the fact they could no longer flee as a charge reaction. They soon found out when on my next turn I duly charged my shaggoth, chaos lord and daemon prince into the flank of the now unbreakable skinks and both chatiots into the front. When the skinks were killed to a man everything overrun into the positions they are now in below.

In the end I narrowly lost this game, and it was pretty much down to the kroxigors getting that insane bravery double 1. If they had fled as they were suppossed to, I would have been able to get all my army through the gap and start hitting those units in my time, rather than be constantly on the back foot.

There will be a rematch.

Lizardmen make a rare apperance

Had a fairly large battle at the weekend. My regular wargaming buddies were introducing 2 friends to the game (trying to get them to cross that 40K bridge) and we decided on a 3 vs 3, 1000pts each. As the two new guys were taking High Elves and Empire, I decided to round this out with my lizardmen. Not sure on the exact points, but it went something like this:

Scar-Vet with COTJW, GW, Sotek etc

Skink Priest with Diadem of power and scout

3 x 10 skinks with javelins and scouting

1 stegadon

3 terradons

1 x 10 skinks with blowpipes

2 jungle swarms

Probably the second time I’ve not taken a block of saurus warriors with my lizardmen.

As the new guys were new to the game, I tailored their army lists to include most things they’d need to learn about. The empire player took some shooting, a mortar, some knights, a warrior priest, mage, captain, swordsmen and outriders.

The high elf took sea guard, dragon princes, repeater bolt thrower, mage, swordmasters and hero character.
We ended up facing a night goblin, common goblin and beastmen horde.

Needless to say it was pretty fun, with us having the inital advantage of speed and shooting, and them having the numbers to lose and waaagh magic.

Pulling the fanatics out wasn’t too much of an issue as I used some skinks to pull one out and the stegadon to pull the other. Luckily they pushed the fanatic away from the stegadon and into the knights, until I reminded them that only the stegadon was 8″ away, the knights were 9″ and they had only rolled 8 for its movement. Normally I wouldn’t use the steggie to pull fanatics, but before the game I’d said to everyone that I’d go full on to try and march block, annoy and kill as much of the horde as possible. That way the new guys would have longer in the game to learn all the stuff they needed to know. Thankfully my plan worked out quite well and near the end of the game I only had my general and 1 terradon left, the empire and high elves were left to slog it out with the remaining hordies.

My only regret is we concentrated on killing the central and left flank goblins too much and didn’t give as much thought to the beast herds coming our way.

A memorable moment is having a fanatic 1″ in front of the inner circle knights and him deciding to charge through it. We were all “no no no” but he ignored us and the fanatic got 1 hit, and failed to get past the armour. Pretty funny all us veterans telling him not to and then it working out like he planned.

In the same turn he risked a shot of the mortar close to our troops and it deviated slap bang into our dragon princes, killing the champion outright.

Fun match.

Skaven vs High Elves – 3k points

Beating High Elves a lot easier with skaven?Well yes, quite a lot easier. A few days ago I re-battled the same high elf army (with some minor tweaks as he knew he’d be fighting skaven) and the result was a whole world of difference. The lists were 3k each side and 6 turns. My list had 2 units of clanrats, 2 units of slaves, unit of plaguemonks, unit of stormvermin, 2 units of 2 globadiers, grey seer with screaming bell, plague priest with bands of power, warlock engineer with all the trimmings, battle standard bearer, 5 swarm bases, 2 tunnelling teams, 10 jezzails, 2 packs of giant rats, 8 plague censor bearers and a warp lighting cannon. The stormvermin and 2 units of clanrats shared 2 ratling guns and a warpfire thrower between them.

The high elf army had a unit of phoenix guard, white lions, swordmasters, lothern guard, 2 units of spearmen, 2 bolt throwers, lion chariot a splattering of characters and teclis.

I got the first turn and moved everything up. The grey seer was of range (as the elves had deployed about 10 inches off the front line so I was 34 inches away at the start). I also moved the jezzails off their nice safe hill and towards the ruins on the left flank and the warp lightning cannon into the big tree line in the middle. The high elves had their turn which proved to be pretty ineffective. I think I lost the warpfire thrower to a lucky magic missile.

My second turn all of my skirmishers moved further into the wood, my main units on the right flank moved up and I rolled 2 lucky 4’s to get both my tunnelling teams onto the bolt throwers. I move the jezzails into the ruins for hard cover. His turn 2 he moved up close enough to charge me in the next turn if I move, but out of range of my charge. His magic is a bit stornger this turn but I manage to burn a dispel scroll and all is ok. Shooting is now at a minimal as the tunnelling teams are fighting the bolt throwers. His character and the archers all shot at my remaining 2 weapons teams. Both die.

I start turn 3 a little more cautious. I move the 1st unit of slaves about an inch in front of the white lions and set my plague monks and clanrats with screaming bell ready to hit the flanks once the slaves flee as a charge reaction. I also charge my rat swarms into the spearmen protecting the hill. They flee ok, but now the phoenix guards flank is exposed. Magic is ok, I get a warplighting off on the chariot dropping a wound off of it. Shooting is non-existent as the weapons teams are all gone and I’ve moved my WL cannon to the edge of the tree line. The jezzails take pit shots at the only thing in line of sight, the archers on the hill, killing 3. Next turn will be more bloody.

The white lions charge the slaves who flee. He rolls very high and cuts them down. Its at this point a possible game changing decision took place. He could have chosen to redirect into the plaguemonks flank (he could just see it) or cut down the slaves, but by charging the plaguemonks flank he would have exposed his rear to the clanrats with the screaming bell and he would have lost them before the phoenix guard could intervene. By some fortune he also got a charge off from his spearmen unit into my second clanrat unit. He also charges the 3 rats still fighting the bolt thrower team on the extreme right flank with his chariot. Crucially he moves teclis out of the phoenix guard to protect him in the next turn.

His magic again bounces off me, but i burn the last 2 dispel scrolls absorbing it. The stormvermin on the very left flank take the archers shots quite well, only losing a few to the massed hill shooting. Combat goes well, the clanrats hold against the spearmen ready for the plague monks to perform a flanking action. The chariot wipes out the 3 man tunnelling team and overruns into the globadier team who stand and shoot dropping 2 more wounds. They both get horribly cut down. Its now the plan is unveiled as the high elf opponent realises he needs to test to restrain or he will hit the wall behind taking D6 strength 6 hits. The chariot rolls high for ld and smacks into the wall killing itself.

Turn 4 starts with lots of charges, the plague monks charge into the clanrat combat breaking the spearmen easily and running them down. Thankfully his mage was in the unit so he is now 1 dispel dice down. The stormvermin and rat swarms charge the second spearmen unit (who I forgot to mention had rallied the previous turn) and the plague censor bearers charge the phoenix guard in a frenzy. I go highly aggressive in the magic phase and try warp lightning from the warlock engineer into teclis. He manages to dispel it and I recast the same spell from the grey seer. It goes off with an irresistible force, causing 11 wounds on teclis. All that remains is a charred body. Now I have magic superiority.

The jezzails again shoot the archers on the hill, dropping 2 of them and 1 blows himself up. The warplightning cannon goes straight through the phoenix guard killing 2 of them and knocking 2 wounds off my rat swarm. Combat time again and the stormvermin (with plaguepriest) and the rat swarms easily break the spearmen in the centre by killing 9 of them for 2 rat swarm wounds in return. The spearmen flee a few inches straight into the tunnelling team who have just recently dispatched the bolt thrower crew and all die horrible deaths.

The plague censor bearers don’t fare so well and easily lose combat (stupid phoenix guard ward saves) due to a really bad combat result. This brings them into combat with the wood and they stop dead.By now its pretty much game over and I spend a turn or two mopping up the remains. The white lions get warp lightninged to death and have 2 men remaining, the phoenix guard get shot by the warp lighting cannon and lose 4 more. My jezzails take pot shots at the swordmasters on the left flank who have been chasing giant rats all battle.

The battle ends, I have lost about 500 points, he has a unit of swordmasters and some phoenix guard left. As borat would say, “very nice”.

I think my opponent was right not to charge the flank of the plague monks and to run down the slaves as this took them out of immediate danger and allowed them to stall my advance as I needed to deal with them. He should also have abandoned the extreme right bolt thrower and moved his chariot into a more aggressive position, possibly threatening my clanrats. The swordmasters were also too far out on a limb. He was trying to meet my giant rats and kill them quickly to protect the flank and come across my flank (into my stormvermin) but I managed to get out of line of sight for one crucial turn and therefore harass him and take him out the game. This wasn’t purely his fault though, it was just bad luck that he lost line of sight when he needed it most.

Beating High Elves

I’ve been playing a few games against high elves recently and its been going ok. I’ve been using a nurgle chaos army which I’ve played with for some time now and although I’m not losing, I’m not exactly winning either.

The problem seems to be a good magic phase, good shooting phase and then them not doing too badly in comabt either. What I seem to lack is hard hitting power once I’m across the board.

Tonight we played a 3k game and as usual I took 3 chariots. I managed to get 2 into a fully ranked up spearmen unit and managed to kill 11 on impact hits negating any kind of benefit from ASF (always strike first).

I’ve also found that chosen chaos warriors seem to do better against HE armies, loaded with great weapons, if only 2 models can fight back, you could bring combat resolution back in your favour with 2 attacks each. This wont last though as my opponent now knows how many points are loaded into that unit, I imagine the shaggoth wont attract the kind of long wooden poles with arrow heads attached attention he’s been getting.

I find it easier to play against high elves with skaven as you can hold back and shoot back at them, match them in the magic phase and generally outnumber them 2 to 1 (units not models) once you meet in combat. We’ll be playing 3k again tomorrow, skaven vs HE, so I’ll let you know how it goes.