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Bristol Brawl list – Warriors 2000pts

A few posts (and weeks) back I mentioned I’d post up my Bristol Brawl list, so here it is:

Warriors of Chaos


Exalted Hero (110) Tzeentch (10) Steed (16) Enchanted Shield (15) Halberd (4) Collar of Khorne (25) 180 pts

Exalted Hero (110) BSB (25) Nurgle (20) Banner of Rage (35) Steed (16) Halberd (4) Shield (5) 215 pts

Chaos Sorcerer (85) Dispel Scroll (25) Blood Curdling Roar (20) 130 pts


15 x Warriors of Chaos (225) Shields (15) Full Command (30) Rapturous Standard (20) Nurgle (30) 320 pts

10 x Marauders (40) 40 pts

5 x Marauder Horsemen (65) Flails (10) 75 pts

5 x Warhounds 30 pts


5 x Knights (200) Nurgle (30) Standard Bearer and Champion (40) Warbanner (25) 295 pts

5 x Knights (200) Tzeentch (20) Standard Bearer and Champion (40) Blasted Standard (40) 300 pts

3 x Trolls 135 pts

Chaos Chariot (120) Nurgle (30) 150 pts


Warshrine 130 pts

Total 2000 pts

I always knew that to have a chariot, 2 units of knights and a tooled up warrior unit I’d have to keep the points of the characters quite low. In the end they came out at around 700pts, more points than I would have liked.

My general was the first to be selected. Survivability for cheap was the key so I gave him the mark of Tzeentch along with the 6+ ward and MR2. I also gave him the enchanted shield but forgot to add this into his armour save everytime. For a bit punch I gave him a halberd for that crucial strength 6 when needed.

The BSB was next and I gave him the banner of rage. My figuring behind this was that I could pick and choose the unit that would be frenzied from game to game. Again, I gave him a halberd so if required he could dish out some punishment.

I knew magic offense was out of the question and played a few practise games without a sorcerer but experiance and a lack of dispel made me take a level 1 with a scroll. I wanted to take two scrolls but opted for the bloodcurdling roar instead (after the tournament I realised either bloodcurdling roar or second dispel scroll wouldn’t have made much difference).

Troops wise, I took 15 nurgle warriors with the raptuous standard for a holding unit. Great unit especially in combat with a 2+ save, but nurgle was a waste of 30pts. Not once did I ever feel the points cost was justified. Nurgle has well and truly been nurfed.

The two blocks of knights I knew would smash the pieces out of everything but knew I’d need to get them over to the opponent. One unit had the mark of nurgle for -1 shooting and the other mark of tzeentch and blasted standard for 4+ ward against attacks in the shooting phase.

Several of the club mumbled about the blasted standard but it done me very well. I could put my knights against a dwarf gun line with confidence and banshee screams just bounced off.

The nugle chariot and warshrine were the final bit along with some trolls to dribble at the enemy.

The army itself performed how I imagined, hit them fast and smash their faces in but there are a few things I’d change. The chariot done well but didn’t need the mark of nurgle (I have three nurgle chariots so the time saved in painting another one was worth the 30 points), the mark of nurgle could theoretically be dropped throughout the army, not once did I notice the benefits. The horsemen were great in their various roles but another unit wouldn’t go a miss, the amount of times I just needed another cheap unit behind the unit I was about to break was unbelievable. Hounds were ok but not really needed. If I was needing contention of table quarters I had smashed their army and could easily win them, and if I hadn’t smashed their army, table quarters were the least of my worries. Again the horsemen with fast cav rule can capture them.

Next time I go warriors, I think I’ll take khorne and beat them to more of a bloody pulp.


Thoughts on the new Warriors of Chaos

Carl, Rich and Gav came round last night to pick up some glue and some spare chaos bits i have for Carls new chaos army and after about 10 minutes it became clear that Carl wanted to test his new army list out against my more fluffy list I posted up on Saturday. So we cleared some space, got some stand in models and went for it.

Carl went for sorceror lord, sorceror and exalted champ with the book. Along with this he took a unit of 15 chosen, 2 units of marauders, 2 units of 5 marauder cav with throwing axes, 5 knights and a warshrine. I took the list I wrote with the removal of most of the nurgle marks and a third of the marauders from each unit to drop me down to below 2000pts.

The game was pretty fun and the gamble of taking no magical defense paid off as his Tzeentch Lord was rolling so high (before +2 and then a D3 each magic phase) that the points cost of any magic defense wouldn’t have been as key as just adding a lot more throw away troops, which I did.

The game was (or should I say would have been) a nice victory to me until I decided (I must add this was on purpose) to just see what both armies could do and started to re-engage him instead of backing off and taking the win. In the end it worked out to be a draw.

But I think lessons were learnt. Warriors of chaos haven’t changed the playstyle of the army as much as other army books, but it has changed my playstyle slightly. With no daemons I’ve now had to move over to pure mortals and the changes associated with it.

My army first, I think the warshrine is nice to have but not essential to the way the army plays. This could be dropped for other things. A mark of slaanesh on both marauder units would be good for more competative play, the festering shroud isn’t really required and the points could be spent elsewhere and this would then make the palanquin not as nessesary (using the 50mm base to drag in more people to take the toughness test). Overall this would save 75pts. Playing against skaven and empire I’d keep the palaquin, but against tougher more elite armies I would just take the chaos steed.

Onto the pro points, bloodcurdling roar is pretty good for 20pts. I managed to get it off against Carls knights but only rolled 3 for the number of hits. The second time I used it I rolled 3 again. If you can get a better roll against knights and roll at least 1 six it would be well worth the points. The Crown of Everlasting Glory will always be my first choice of magic item on my general (it always has been) and I would always take a chariot.

Onto Carls army and I think he took too much magic. The problem with magic is its too unpredictable, sometimes it rapes armies, sometimes it doesn’t. If I were him I would change his general to a chaos lord. I would also take some hounds. Other than that, chosen warriors weren’t better than normal chaos warriors, and the points saved there would buy him a unit of hounds. I would also make his other character a BSB.

We also both thing that the mark of nurgle is looking more useful than the mark of tzeentch.

Overall I think the army is still pretty good, basically an update to what was a fairly good book.

Edit: I also made a school boy error. Should really have bought halberds for the two mounted exalted heros. Same strength, half the points and fight in initiative order. Doh.

I have the new warriors of chaos book

Had to drop the hire car back this morning, so took the chance to go and get the new warriors of chaos book. My first impressions are that its better than I thought it might be.

There is however the niggling feeling thay wont go away that gun lines will rape this army. Carl doesn’t think so. We’ll see 🙂

Anyway I’ve written two lists so far. One is a nice fluffy army to mainly use my existing models and fit in with the nurgle theme my army is painted in, the second list is a bit more ‘hardcore’. The first list is obviously over 2000pts (comes in at about 2201) but I can drop quite a few marks of nurgle to get it down to 2000 if needed.

Nurgle List 2200pts

Exalted Hero, Nurgle, Blood Curdling Roar, Chaos Steed, Crown of Everlasting Glory, Shield – 221pts

Exalted Hero, BSB, Palanquin, Nurgle, Festering Shroud, Great Weapon, Shield – 243pts

30 Marauders, Nurgle, Shields, Full Command – 200pts

30 Marauders, Nurgle, Shields, Full Command – 200pts

5 Warhounds – 60pts

5 Warhounds – 60pts

7 Marauder Horsemen, Throwing Axes, Shields – 112pts

18 Chaos Warriors, Nurgle, Shields, Full Command – 380pts

6 Chaos Knights, Full Command – 290pts

Chaos Chariot – 120pts

3 Trolls – 135pts

2 Spawn – 110pts

Warshrine – 130pts

Chaos Warriors Preview

Noticed this on the GW website (with a little help from battlereporter), a few pages showing the upcoming warriors of chaos book. There are a lot of rumours floating around and although I’ve covered how some of these rumours may affect my current army, I’m staying clear until I get the book in hand.

Chaos Warriors Preview

Battle Report: Daemons vs Empire Part 2 (11/09/08)

Hope you had fun reading part one, here comes part two:

Turn 3. I figured that although a lot of my units weren’t ready, I needed to get into combat and start punishing them. I charged the beasts of nurgle into a unit of spearmen and a unit of greatswords in the middle. The plaguebearers on the left without a herald charged the flagellents and the hounds charged the spearmen on my extreme left flank. I also charged the huntsmen in the middle with the middle unit of plaguebearers. They ran and got away but I forgot to redirect a charge into either the greatswords now in combat with the beasts or try for the other free unit of greatswords, opps. Knowing that the plaguebearers on the extreme right would need to take on 3 units, a griffin and possibly a steam tank in the next few turns I moved fateweaver onto the hill amongst the mortars to try and get a few terror tests next turn.

To protect the plaguebearers flank I moved the flamers into a scrifical position just behind them to block off the steam tank.

Onto magic I rolled up celestial shield for the blue scribes which was next to useless. I managed to cast commandment of brass on a mortar (at least I think I did, but between my turn 3 and theirs we all went to bed, then to work and came back where we left off). I did get some other magic off but it wasn’t influential on the game.

On shooting, the flamers in the middle hit off a few shots at the greatswords and the flamers on the right dropped a few free company, trying to reduce their ranks down.

In comabt the hounds inflicted enough wounds to lose comabt by very few and with the assistance of the GUO nearby pass easily. The archlector inflicts more wounds on the nurglings but with no impact hits the nuglings make it through using the GUO’s leadership. The plaguebearers kill 5 flaggellents and easily win combat. The beasts of nurgle roll in 13 attacks onto the spearmen but this only translates into 2 wounds and they lose big. Even with the battle standard re-roll (they roll the same leadership roll again) two beasts of nurgle dissapear into the warp. Wasn’t expecting that.

The picture below is at the end of my turn 3. You can see on the left that the plaguebearers have got a lot to defend against. Thankfully both uncommitted plaguebearer units wont be charged in the flank.

Terror test time. Both mortars passed with ease but the greatswords and halberdiers in front weren’t so lucky as my battle standard bearer was within 12″ and they were both at -2. The greatswords went flying past the plaguebearers in the middle and halberdiers ran past the lefthand plaguebearers screaming and shouting like girls. Unfortunately for them it tookthem straight into the path of the plaguebearers. 

The steam tank charged the flamers who stood and shot with no damage to the steam tank. The griffin charges the rear of the plaguebearers on my right flank and the mounted warrior priest charged out of the now blocked free company unit into the flank.

Over the course of the game there were so many bounds getting cast about that I’ve forgotten what and where they were cast, but rest assured that none of the important ones got through. On this turn I think I had to suck up a few soulfires.

With magic done it was onto shooting and I wasn’t looking forward to this. Both mortars missed their targets by some way, but the cannons turned and aimed at fateweaver. One ward save and two destroyed mortars later (I honestly didn’t think they’d risk their mortars with the bounce) fateweaver was smiling. The second cannon shot only just rolled into fateweaver, and I mean rolled because he easily passed another ward save.

The steam tank in combat with the flamers used its steam gun against them and the plaguebearer unit but I made all required ward/regen saves.

There was little other effective shooting from them so we moved onto combat.

The priest of sigmar challenged the herald who accepted and cut him down where he stood. The griffin and rider killed 1 or 2 plaguebearers but they caused a wound on the griffin who promtly fled 17″ away.

In the centre the beast of nurgle gets first attcks and wounds the warrior priest who then causes a wound back. With a massive combat res against him the remaining beast dissapears.

The plaguebearers on the left kill 2 more flagellents and lose 2 of their number. The combat continues until next turn. Against the arch lector the nurglings manage to survive thanks to the GUO’s leadership but are slowly being depleted. The hounds don’t manage to inflict enough wounds to win and again just survived on the GUO’s leadership. The remaining flamer dies to the steam tank.

Turn 4 and I charge the plaguebearers on the right into the fleeing halberdiers sending them scuttling further away. I hesitate with fateweaver and move him slightly closer to the steamtank. The great unclean one gets carl and richards pussy of the game award by shuffling around a bit. I cast the bolt onto the steam tank and get 6 strength 10 hits. The steam tank is dow to 4 wounds. I doom and darkness the greatswords currently fleeing so next turn they are on -3 to rally. The great unclean one casts rancid visitations on the handgunners but miscasts and rolls a 12. As his mouth dribbles out the spell with irresistable force his brains dribble out his ears and he forgets the spell. He casts slime pit on the handgunners (with battle wizard in) and they cannot shoot or move next turn.

Forget to fire the flamers against the griffin. Not much happens in combat. Their turn.

I realise I’ve made an error as both the huntsmen and mortar crews charge fateweaver. The steam tank generates a steam point and charges in the flank of the plaguebearers.

Again I manage to dispel things that I don’t want but a soulfire gets through against the nurglings and 2 flamers die to forked lightning.

Both cannons now turn their attention to the GUO. Both shots are spot on but he manages to ward save both. The flagellents kill 2 plaguebearers and get 3 of their own killed back. The plaguebearers that charged the greatswords in the middle (which I forgot to mention earlier) kill 3 greatswords and save the wounds back. The greatswords roll double 1 and stay for another round.

Fateweaver manages to survive all attacks and fails to wound back. He loses by 4 (rear, flank and outnumber) but stays by rolling double 2 (actually they disputed that I’d dropped it so I re-rolled it and got double 2 again!!).

So where are we? Its the start of turn 5. My GUO is in the open with the nuglings stuggling to hold the arch lector, the plaguebearers on the right are going to struggle soon. My main magic user is now locked in a combat I can’t help him with and they still have a lot on the table (5 rank and file units?). In my favour the centre has been cleared and the steam tank is next to useless.

Join me in part 3 to see the conclusion of the battle.

A quick monday night painting update

Starting to spend more time sitting and painting than sitting and thinking about painting.

Getting going on the daemons at last. 5 Furies are almost done. I saw an awesome army (have to remember where) that was painted as if in flames with blue contrasts. Really liked it so I’ve tried to incorporate it into my army. I figured the bloodletters would look good ‘molten’, the flamers etc are essentially flames and the horrors are magical flames. So I figured for a flame look.

I think the paintjob is a lot better than I thought it might turn out, but its not quite the look I’m after. They seem a bit ‘orange’.

Going to stick with it though and give them a baal red wash and more yellow highlights hoping the flaming daemon look comes through. I’ll put some pictures up tomorrow.

The nurgle side in contrast will be mostly brown and green (I really want a nurglish looking army) and although I’ll be able to mix and match due to the same bases it will look like two armies. At the moment I have all the models, finished, getting repaired, repainted and undercoated all over my desk so it looks a bit crap. Hoping it pulls together.

Also started repairs on the broken daemons. The herald I dropped has had the banner replaced with a zombie head to look like a wand (the banner snapped just above the pin I had going into the hand). The daemon prince’s sword is having the runes on its sword ‘fired up’, using the same technique as the furies. I’m hoping he’ll be quite proud of this new weapon and will completely forget that I accidently pulled his arm off!

On the lizardmen front I’ve started basing them on their new resin bases. We had a largish battle last week and I realised I am so behind on my lizardmen. Again tomorrow I’ll put up a picture and you’ll see what I mean. It looks a bit haphazard.

Thoughts on the new chaos book rumours

The most upto date information I can find at the moment is here. As mentioned in previous posts, I’m not really in a position to constantly promote rumours, however, having a large(ish) nurgle mortal army I’m looking at how I will rebuild it in the coming months.

Obviously the army (which was running at 5k points all in) has been made smaller by the removal of a large number of daemon troops and characters.

Thankfully it looks like the shaggoth and trolls are safe as these appear to be in this book.

So lets look at whats likely to change.

– Army wide re-roll panic
– Mark of Khorne causes Frenzy, has different effect for Giant
– Mark of Nurgle causes -1 penalty to the WS or BS of a model attacking
– Mark of Slaanesh benefits the unit with Itp, also gives ASF to characters and rare choices
– Mark of Tzeentch gives +1 to ward save (6+ ward to models without one), also +1 to cast for sorcerers
– May be other effects for different units but if there are, they are currently unknown
– Gaze of the Gods table, roll 2D6 for the following:
– Characters roll every time they win a challenge
– Chosen roll once at the start of the game
– Trolls roll every time they successfully regenerate two or more wounds at once
– 2 on the table causes stupidity, 7 does nothing, 11 makes unit fear causing, 12 gives a 4+ ward save and stubborn. The remainder of results are various benefits, some of which are MR3, hatred, and stat boosts.
– Chaos characters may now take Chaos Gifts on top of Magic Items, much like the VC’s Vampiric Powers
– Lore of Slaanesh returns virtually unchanged

The army wide rule is likely to apply to undivided armies only, so as most of my stuff will be nurgle marked, I’ll be having -1 to hit at range and in hand-to-hand. Not sure if this is favourable to having fear but as much as I cry about my plaguebearers not having it, I’m now happy to finally have it back. Although no points decrease is mentioned, I imagine nurgle markings will now be cheaper across the board.

The gaze of the gods table harks back to the good old bad days (4th edition I think it was) but now is randomised a bit more. Not sure how realistic this might feel, your entire army mutating over the course of a day long battle, but it does add to the chaotic feel.

Onto the core/special/rare choices and it looks like most of my existing stuff is reusable, the knights will now be given an upgrade option of a lance (I still have some of the older knights in my bits box for the lance option) which may mean either a new unit of knights or modifying the current ones to have interchangable weapons which are both big time sinks.

My chaos warriors are still valid, when making the older ones up I decided to arm them very differently to give them a ragged look. Ever since, what ever weapon they are carrying is shown on the models at the front of the unit.

Hounds look like they can be given poisoned attacks or scaly skin. I hope you can do both for that ‘nurgle’ feel. I understand they are doing them in plastic but I have 10 metal ones so have enough.

Thankfully Shaggoths and Trolls are still in for extra options, the trolls as always will be in the army, the shaggoth not so often. Trolls look like their points have dropped but no indication of their stats dropping also. We can only wait and hope.

Chariots are now special choices. If you remember back to some of my earlier posts about damon chariots, I have a standard nurgle chariot, a converted ‘daemonic’ steam tank chariot and a damon chariot currently with no riders. Although I’ll probably never use them all together, at least I have the option without too much work involved.

So really thats it at the moment in terms of what I have or may need to change. There is always the new things being mentioned. There are a ton of special characters to match the newer army books. Archaon and Gulrach remain and now there are others. I’ll probably buy the models if they’re good, or convert them if they aren’t but wont expect to be using them that often.

The forsaken look like something I’ve always wanted, with 2 attacks each I’ll finally have soemthing to outclass those free company (damn them). Give even the worst troops 2 attacks each and finally they’ll bring something good down.

The other new addition that made me wet my pants with excitement is the chaos war alter. Not too bothered by the rules, current suggestions is that its like a much better corps cart, but the modelling possibilities could be endless. In fact, as I write this I think I may have found something for my daemonic steam tank to be used for.

As always, the stuff you hear on the internet is always somewhere between close to the truth and complete bullshit, but as the spearhead is rumoured to be out next month sometime (this could also be complete bullshit) and white dwarf have started with their sneak peaks, I imagine the info is fairly solid give or take a few stats etc.