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Back at last…

..but assuming no one noticed I was missing (except you rimhard).

Lots been going on that’ll need a bit more time and some pictures.

To summerise, four of us have decided to go to the Bristol Brawl this year and I’m finishing off my mortals army and have somehow roped myself into painting carls mortals too.

Armyrooster has been shut down!

Lizardmen book has been released, new FAQ for the main rules has been released, twice….., and many other exciting things. I hope to get onto each one of these things soon.

For now though, how horrible is a tzeentch mortal army led by a daemon prince of tzeentch?!?!


Warhammer Cleanup

My wife has been hinting for some time that my ‘hobby’ is starting to take over the house and in some ways I see her point. Out entire second bedroom seems to be a storage area and a cupboard in the main bedroom is also a big warhammer storage area. Now I have taken over the dinning room table for painting and modelling.

So I decided to have a clearout. I went to Homebase and bought a cheap shelve unit for the second bedroom. After making this up (and adding extra shelves) I put all my warhammer armies out, one per shelf. This should stop the table upstairs filling up with units and models after having been used in battle. The partially build models still clutter up the table but I’ve got to get more storage for those.

I’ve started moving over my bits box into seperate containers and organising my older paints.

Obviously this, work and painting models has taken up a lot of my time last week so I didn’t have much time to update the blog this week.

Eagle eyed readers will notice that my win/lose ratio with the new mortals has increased significantly in favour of the loses.

We had two large battles over the weekend, and I’m not happy to say that the high elves spanked us twice in a row. Hopefully Carl now knows the weekness of mortals against fast moving, shooting and general ‘avoidance’ armies. Teclis didn’t help matters.

The battles however have given me a better insight on how to build up my mortals. The Chaos lord of Khorne on a juggernaut is awesome. The knights are also awesome, but instead of taking only a champion I’ll be dropping him and taking a standard bearer instead. The two times my knights engaged (against phoenix guard first and then took a chariot in the front and dragon in the rear in the second game) I lost the combat by one. Notable moment of the second game was when Rich’s dragon flanked charged my knights and my unit champ issued a challenge. What hits did get through were saved and I lost no models from that combat (it was only a tironoc chariot after all).

Maybe I’ll be lucky and one of the players will feel inclined to send me some pictures or write up the battle reports.

A quick monday night painting update

Starting to spend more time sitting and painting than sitting and thinking about painting.

Getting going on the daemons at last. 5 Furies are almost done. I saw an awesome army (have to remember where) that was painted as if in flames with blue contrasts. Really liked it so I’ve tried to incorporate it into my army. I figured the bloodletters would look good ‘molten’, the flamers etc are essentially flames and the horrors are magical flames. So I figured for a flame look.

I think the paintjob is a lot better than I thought it might turn out, but its not quite the look I’m after. They seem a bit ‘orange’.

Going to stick with it though and give them a baal red wash and more yellow highlights hoping the flaming daemon look comes through. I’ll put some pictures up tomorrow.

The nurgle side in contrast will be mostly brown and green (I really want a nurglish looking army) and although I’ll be able to mix and match due to the same bases it will look like two armies. At the moment I have all the models, finished, getting repaired, repainted and undercoated all over my desk so it looks a bit crap. Hoping it pulls together.

Also started repairs on the broken daemons. The herald I dropped has had the banner replaced with a zombie head to look like a wand (the banner snapped just above the pin I had going into the hand). The daemon prince’s sword is having the runes on its sword ‘fired up’, using the same technique as the furies. I’m hoping he’ll be quite proud of this new weapon and will completely forget that I accidently pulled his arm off!

On the lizardmen front I’ve started basing them on their new resin bases. We had a largish battle last week and I realised I am so behind on my lizardmen. Again tomorrow I’ll put up a picture and you’ll see what I mean. It looks a bit haphazard.

Lord of Change

I recently found myself the proud owner of a second hand lord of change that although is now mine, has been pretty much mine since Carl used my house as storage area for his vast Warhammer collection.

Despite not using him much in my army and trying to paint up my tournament army for the upcoming GW grand tournament, I though I’d give him a go.

When I started building him up for Carl years ago I wanted a more dynamic pose than the one you usually see him in. With a bit of drilling, pinning and greenstuff I managed to get a ‘just landing’ pose, unpainted picture below.

I don’t think you can see it very well, but it looks like he’s just touched down from flying. At the same time his hand is extended forward is a ‘I’m about to blast you’ pose.

I sat there long and hard before undercoating him, thinking should I green stuff some fire coming from this hand.

A sudden urge to paint him stopped me and he went off for his white undercoat. A white undercoat is pretty rare for me, I usually undercoat everything in black, but I’ve recently discovered the merits of painting Liche Purple over white rather than black. I also spent some money on the new washes and wanted to try these out. A white undercoat would bring these washes out nicely.

Here are some latest pictures.

Weekend update


Six of us are going to the UK Warhammer Fantasy Doubles tournament this coming weekend.

There will be 2 teams of wood elf/high elf, but two of us are going as skaven/skaven. The choice was two fold. Firstly the painting. I took them to the last London conflict and spent an entire night painting up 750pts, then there was a 2000pt tournament which required another late night painting session. This tournament will only require a small amount left that need painting, but being me,  I’ll probably leave it till friday night to finish them.

Secondly skaven are a good army to win with. I love the gaming and meeting new people to play, but being a GW tournament this will traditionally have a fair showing of ‘power gamers’. I’d like to go into this tournament with a shot at top 10, and given the sheer number of troops we can take we should have enough options to cope with the various army combinations.

Here’s a picture of the first of the gutter runners. I’ve mounted them on resin cobblestone bases from TSS scenics. Note that the painted ones are fresh from e-bay and actually better than my own attempts will turn out, but I have an anal requirement to paint all my own figures.

New additions

I’ve currently got a bid on a mint copy of heroquest, one on advanced heroquest and one on man o’ war. Hopefully I’ll win one.

I also won and received an older khorne bloodletter which will be re-painted and added to my army as a herald of khorne.

My friend also came round on thursday and we looked through some of the boxes I’ve been looking after for him. As he needs a bit of cash (to pay me back for the hotel for the doubles tournament) we came to an agrement and I now have the steed of slaanesh (from the mounted lord box) and a greater daemon of tzeentch.

It’ll probably be a few days before I update again, got lots going on at work still and plenty of skaven to paint.

Take care and may your paints never dry out.

E-bay warhammer fun. Plus I’m annoyed about Nurgle chariots

I jumped on the laptop tonight all eager that I’ll be playing a 300pt each 2 v 2 battle tomorrow night, when I come across information that Nurgle daemon chariots are definately out. Boo. Can’t really even use them as stand ins for the palaquin.

There is the chance they can get used in my regular mortal army, but then the new revision coming out in a future white dwarf looks set to scrap chariots as core choices.

So i’m a little bit pissed.

To cheer myself up, I’ve been checking through e-bay, my all time cheer up tactic is searching for “pro-painted” and seeing what comes back. Some of it looks like a 5 year old painted it.

This pro painted must have painted these with his contacts out. Or how about these pro painted boars. How exactly do you pro paint a plastic boar? Certainly not with a single colour drybrush.

Now I’m no great painter, but I would never attempt to pass of my sales as pro painted.

I think on e-bay you can generally expect something described as pro painted as good to very good gaming standard. Some are genuinely pro painted. I would consider this to be a pro paint job.

What do you guys think?

My other favourite e-bay activity is hunting down people who try and sell old edition rulebooks and army books and try and pass them off as current. Then I send them akward buyers questions.

I usually never get a response.

Edit: I found this one today. The title is “WARHAMMER 40K BATTLE FOR MACRAGGE SET NEW! [[RARE]]”. Whats rare about it? I can still go down to GW and buy it!!

Todays pictures as promised

As promised in my earlier post today, here are some pictures.

First up is the Viking champion I’ve just started on. I really am struggling with this camera. I think I got the light all right, but its still not in focus. I think I am too close. I think that I think I’ve got to be that close. Anyway, enough rambling, heres the picture.


Next up is my new scenery. The parts that are still black will be static grass to match my gaming boards.


And finally, I got bored waiting for something and took a picture of my current painting room, and no before you ask the dolls house isn’t mine :), nor is the pink chair!!